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    No. In each case opcodes different and can be any.
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    Hi Enyby Speed hack work well but i can't change time it's speed the game/Character time don't change it's beacuse protect by dev??
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    If you find the games on which it works - report here. It will be useful to write an example of work on a real game.
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    How do you determine what the op code is? Sorry if this is a dumb question I am new to ARMx64 and at the moment I'm trying to understand how these ints and arguments work so I can apply the concepts to searching for these
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    one question if value of game add 10000 i need search add x1,x1, #0x10000?
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    It's so hard. I don't even know what "X4" means, and I don't know how to choose X4 or X8 or other
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    the video is very good, a pity that for famous games it is easy to detect (free fire, pubg, cod), at least in my tests here ... but it works very well in simple games
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    aah i remember using it years ago before GG was like now. very old school, there were several similair modification tools, at that time Game Hacker was the best for me, they dont update it anymore but it was very similair then GG at that time, talking about 2013 or 2014, old times for reall, when it was only you looking for a value and editing it haha ya had to make like videos explaining people how to find the hack, look enyby how advanced GG becaume we can make like or own scripts so everyone can use it, genius team
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    can you teach me how to get the last value?<<<400
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    It's the language of some Android games. Look up arm assembly. This is more related to apk modding than gg standard search/edit.
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    Seems like you're trying to use GG directly without root .Watch the video below to know how to properly install GG without root.If this doesn't help you can find the full guide with other methods here
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    Help! When I start GG it says Daemon isn't starting and it says I need root but I ran it without root
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    Depth is the number of chain pointers you can have. It is when you have to work with multipointers. The more depth, the more results and search time, but also the more chance to find a static pointer. You can let it to default but if you don't find anything, try a bigger offset or a bigger depth, 3 should be eniugh for most games.
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    And here it is? You show the obviously complex and incomprehensible way of editing Double. Just novices there will not understand anything.
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    I am trying to download the parallel space optimized version but I can't download it properly on Gioneep7 max plzz tell me how to download parallel space properly
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    Why when I installed the virtualxposed it always says there's a problem parsing the package
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    big help for this hack. thankyou very much. but can i ask you, where did you get the value of this?29550;(your gold);1000::20. where did you get the 29,550 and the 1000? and 20? but the middle of them. i know it's a value of my gold. but in the rest i don't know. thankyou . please tell me, where did i get those value.
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    Read vocabulary for words mean. Can not edit = broken. I don't know. You need test all of it. But wait. As you say So this is good firmware. All ok. I happy. You solved all your problems. It is best firmware in world. My congratulation to you.
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    86/5000 it does not work in the select process it does not select the game but google play
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    You can find the exact value if you want as I was lazy and showing method.
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    This feature has not connected with time. Time can not go in the opposite direction.
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    @jerryxx4 Latest. For me all worked as before.
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    Have you ever tried to hack token using this tool before? I am thinking there are some guys who can hack token by in-app purchase because their VIP point increased the same as the package available in the game along with the hacked token
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