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    Can't agree with you more. I have a small group that gets full custom mods every update. Usually within a few hours of update. I can mod both, armv8 and armv7. I don't ask for money each update. Until gameloft makes it so I need to debug again. When that day comes, I hope it ends all public mods.
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    Not yet. Maybe some day.
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    Yes , it is possible . While you will accept gg.makeRequest GG tells you that do you want to access it ? It may steal your data . You need to read it while you will grant permissions for make online Request .
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    The problem is with people who you think are trustworthy but in real they are not. Everyone but not everyone wants free hack. Giving free hack is like plague. Most of the websites are copy/paste and they always wait for the real moder to release the hack. That mod wasn't free actually. The guy who post it must have copied it from somewhere. it was actually leaked by someone who brought it just like someone leak your mod in last update. I have 10 clients they are very trustworthy. I have been selling nitro mod since last 4 updates and they never share my mod to anyone. Though nitro value changes slightly but it's easy to find on every new update. Building apk with only one architecture was a pain but now i have learnt it. And thanks for that tutorial, I have learnt few more things not everything though. it might take time but will learn it.
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    No. You use VirtualXposed only as Virtual Space, so you do not need any modules. Reason in your game. It is sync data in some way. All others games do not share data. Maybe your game use sdcard files for detect same device. IDK.
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    I don't consider it skill/work at all. Sorry. What you do is just lazy but you think is lots of hard work. You try to profit on someone else doing the work for you. Good luck. I'll find and provide the free links here later.
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    Americana buildings Dsearch 0;0;1;262144;1;0;0::29 Refine 262144, save, apply offset -98, returns all 25 addresses.
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    I tested the version of Archero I get with this "trainer" and it works for the store, so you can enjoy merging item to have purple gold version (10 purples after opening about 25 chests... imagine if you use real money to get gem... >_>).
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    He is right. The 102 version does not detect GG (and is PTrace free) but can only be played offline. For all interested I found a PTrace free and (permanently) modded version, send me a PM.
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    The values edited by you are only visual, since the actual data is on the server, and you can not change that ...
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    Ok bro thanks, lol im thinking you bypass something
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    Thanks,but sorry i not explain correct im ask what part you mod in game to not be detected
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    Without script, I'm working with Gem
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    how mod to undetected by game?
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    how to use this scripts?

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