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  1. Lenn1

    8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian

    Amazing!! really was what I was hoping for, because some games I have had problems with ptrace, now it's wonderfully good !! Congrats to DEV team
  2. Lenn1

    Changing item id

    is the same on the last day on earth, whose id of the items is exchanged for that of gasoline, and so can be bought easy in the store
  3. Lenn1


    simple,use xprivacy and hide app list etc...
  4. Lenn1

    New to GG - Need help

    just create some secondary accounts, spoofing your MAC / IMEI and serial numbers. there are many "games" in gplay that are easy to hack. but it's always good to try on known games and see what XD will do ... good luck in learning!
  5. Lenn1

    How can I decrypt this script?

    go to run the "more" script option and select me the dump and log, just read and done. Create a new script with the codes you copied XD
  6. Lenn1

    How can I decrypt this script?

    Why are you asking someone to decrypt a script for you? Is all this too lazy to learn? use the gg app itself to show the call and everything the script does. get a log and you're done. and stop copying the codes of others, and they will learn to write their own!
  7. Lenn1

    Game Guardian Unsigned APK

    Most mobile devices are ARM, except for some tablets, which use other processors like intel and are x86. Try check more greem timers in GG settings.
  8. Lenn1

    Game Guardian Unsigned APK

    depends on the architecture that you execute the application, when you play emulators, the libs are x86, and the same game modified the libs will ARM, because the emulator also runs libs ARM (with low performance). modders work with lib ARM, and to decrease the size of the apk mod, they erase the x86 the speed hack depends on the correct library. and the way it connects to the game does the same close and crash.
  9. Lenn1

    Help With Lua Script

    so I researched, yes, the gg app can do AoB scan. but I think only by manual mode
  10. Lenn1

    Help With Lua Script

    now I understand, the Array of byte! I remember doing this using the CE, I'm not sure if gg can do this, for now ...
  11. Lenn1

    Help With Lua Script

    I do not understand very well, because my English is bad, but I think you should be talking about searching for values in the region code application. setranges and getranges are usually used with REGION_CODE_APP, REGION_C_HEAP, REGION_ANONYMOUS etc. is used for a specific memory search in a given region without having to change the gg configuration. At least that's what I understood from your doubt.
  12. Lenn1

    Label Pinned History

    you should better specify what you want and / or what the doubt is. so the community tries to help
  13. Lenn1

    Editing a Value

    the value always synchronizes, since it is server-side, try to freeze, but still may not work. however, as you change the value, that portion of memory is unloaded to prevent intrusions. another way is to try to look up the value in XOR. despite the game guardian works in several online games, it was not designed to hack games based on total server side
  14. Lenn1

    Changing values and addresses.

    saving the address is not always a good hack with gg, because the instance changes constantly, but sometimes when the address is static, you can try to memorize the last 3 characters of the address ex: address is 98F32A20 memorize and save the last 3 it will be like this A20 do an address search with that address, and then filter with the known value that you found. is not guaranteed, because the address changes at each instance
  15. Lenn1

    Changing values and addresses.

    the instance changes at each session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iegNh9zdh4M