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  1. the right before using the game guardian in the games, and try to find out about the protections, if by receiving a ban, it will not affect your entire device and you will be unable to play normally and clean, sometimes the game takes unique information from your device, like IMEI, SN etc ... if this occurs, use the spoof tools. and as usual, always start with a beginner account. [added 4 minutes later] I was forgetting, some games do not ban you, but it sends you to a hackserver, where all the players on that server use some kind of cheat, and there is no way to get out of it, except asking the support to take them out. if a false positive occurs,is cleary.
  2. Does the game update know why? To correct errors, bugs, cheating etc ... when a new version comes out, the offsets change, pointers change, addresses change etc ... even when updating and it is still possible to make such a cheat, you have to go after offsets in the same way. this is the casual effort of those who modify / cheat games. and as I use memory editor, I use AoB (array of bytes) for cheats that are not corrected in updates, it always works for ME, I use group search with values close to what I want to edit too ...
  3. we try to help each other, but there is a failure in communication, in the time available, and in my own interest, I would not let go of what I am doing to have someone else's work, and it is not selfish, it is just a priority. in this forum guide is a user answering a user, the guys above are too busy to help us, but they gave a wonderful tool, just make an effort and learn to use it. and yes, there are other better places than here to ask for help, and to learn, the fool who gets stuck in one place. we are people, and we will hardly think alike, we do not speak through riddles, it is the lack of synchronization in ideas that makes everything difficult, no one here is fortunate to guess what the other wants, and the way they want it in their head. and no, no one here has an inflated ego, maybe even has it, but this is not the case here ...
  4. to be honest i'm not that experienced, i'm practically a lammer, i'm just very curious, and i'll go after my answer in brute force and alone. , the modification is the responsibility of LIBIL2CPP.SO, because it is in this file that contains the game code, the necessary dll and such ... but as not everything is wonderful in the world, modifying il2cpp has been difficult lately, as devs are improving and protecting this file, but once you can break this protection, you can dump your offsets, modifying useful functions that will give you advantages in match. what I'm talking about is obvious, but that's basically it, with the offsets in hand it's easy to modify in ARM, and create your own apk mod, either with menu mod, on / off button, it's up to you. And it is worth mentioning that in the world of modifications it is not just about modifying il2cpp, there are other ways, using the game guardian is one (modification in real time without saving), luck patcher is another way, but it all comes down to finding correct offsets, addresses and etc ... so, the programs that you cited are just to dump, just because in the dump file that you will find the offsets, then yes you can use in modification programs, DNSspy, Reflexil, IDA or whatever else there should be XD and I wanted to have more time to dedicate myself to learn more about this world, but have a life out here, friends, girlfriend, parents and brother, here in my country it is common to be connected even as adults, with debts and problems to solve. .. at the moment I take just a few minutes to read and try to learn something, and here on the forum I learn some things too, that's why I'm here every now and then!
  5. I understand, you want aimbot with aim_silence, you will have to write the code externally and inject it into the game. no brother, i don't use telegram...sorry
  6. In the absence of an external aimbot, you can abuse the game's native imbot by changing the positions of the avatar's "bones" and changing the pull coordinates. is rustic and is in the testing stages ... watch here
  7. lol that good !!, post here your results and the forms you used, help the community that needs more knowledge !!
  8. bro, I believe it is the libraries that are different ... scripts are usually written for armeabi-v7a, and emulators use x86. the offsets, regions of the LIB.so memory are different, but some functions are similar (antenna) because they are in the anonymous region. as i already said, try a manual installation of the armeabi-v7a apk, because the automatic installation will always choose x86. read your buil.prop and see which architectures are supported.
  9. before I did it this way, try and see if it still works watch here
  10. in this new version of Free fire, I didn't find the global-metadata.dat file, just its decrypted strings, but in the allocated memory, it is loaded and unloaded from the memory, based on my old dump.cs I managed to access some parts of global-metadata.dat, but when I dumped it I couldn't extract the file. remembering that I just looked for standard file strings in all memory. Doing everything on android makes it a little difficult, because what used to work now doesn't work, maybe using the RIRU-il2cppdumper is the best choice, but at the moment I don't have access to this tool because my device is not rooted, not to mention that I only work in x86 libraries.
  11. I advise you to read this article, and not only this post, the site is very good, I hope you open your eyes and see a light for this issue look here
  12. it is very good to know that!!
  13. free fire, although simple, has some protections against obvious dumpers and its metadata is loaded and unloaded from memory ... dnspy, il2cpp inspect don't work for that particular game ...however it is still possible with IDA and more powerful tools ...
  14. if i remember correctly, there is a program to extract data from dump files that you collect from the game guardian app, look in the downloads tab, other / programs
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