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  1. Is possible to hack real value energy?
  2. Hello i try to hack energy in game ayodance mobile The value energy display is change when i edit But this energy is cant usee Is the value I changed wrong? Thanksss:)
  3. Hello can any one share tutorial for this game? I try hack the move but its so hard This link the game : https://m.apkpure.com/id/ayodance-mobile/com.megaxus.ayodance
  4. Pleaseee pleaseee master,, See my post:( im want to learn I have a problem but no any want to reply my posttt:( Pleasee see my postt
  5. No any one can help me??? I done posting 5 problem in here But no any one my posting reply:( Just and but he cant help me ahhh so bad,, im stuck and so hard finding people want to teach me:(
  6. Hello please help my problem I try to create some hack with game name ayodance mobile/audition mobile In this game you need to touch the arrow,, this have a four arrow,, left , right , top left, top right. And then this game play have 1 - 9 level (arrow) So when level 1 the arrow is 1, if level 4 the arrow is 4 The score we get from level 1 and level 2 is not same And i try to get value arrow,, so i dont need to touch the arrow,, just touch the screen to get the score Im using fuzzy search float im not touch the arrow And then when i touch all arrow in there im pause the game And i increase in game guardian To game again resume Im no touch any key pause the game And i decrease in game guardian Always like that And then i get 3 value I try freeze that,, and then this work Im dont need to touch the key again But the score is stuck,, like level 1 and level 2 be same score Level 2 is must higher than lv 1,, Can any one help me? Thanksss
  7. Hello, When i try to find value with a fuzzy search I get the 1 value last But this value is always change when switch to the game This value cant freeze I think i need a find a true value Any video tutoriali video for this problem?
  8. Hello can any one create script for ayodance mobile?? I just can create hack score but i need to always scan value becauce i cant find the true address,, Im working hard for find the true address but i cant i want to create hack so much like auto key, auto perfect, auto great, hack score but i just can do hack score and i always find the value not the address:( can any one help me pls?
  9. https://m.apkpure.com/id/ayodance-mobile/com.megaxus.ayodance
  10. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://ayodance.megaxus.com/v1/news/02/03/2018/download-ayodance-mobile&ved=2ahUKEwjJ9ezk8qbpAhVXfisKHcVSChUQFjAPegQIDxAw&usg=AOvVaw2YBu-2T1cME79EcmQ6ukkn&cshid=1589031303296
  11. Ayodance mobile But i i think im wrong wayy Can you help me?? So a cicrle is move in the bar from left to right In the right bar some are white When the cicrle are on some are white and we touch we will get perfect great or cool But if the circle no there and we touch we will get miss But first we must touch the key display in the game to get perfect great or cool If we not touch the key and we touch bar some are white we will get miss I think i need the freeze perfect value?? Or edit value great or cool or miss to be value perfect Please help me Sorry my english bad:(
  12. But i dont know what is the true addres from key and if i get that i dont know what the value to create be the always true
  13. Hello,, Im very very amateur for this topic can anyone help me?? I want to find value or addres In this game player will get great or perfect or cool if the player press min 1 key If the player not press min 1 key is true the player will get the miss But i want to create if player not press min 1 key true will be get perfect or great or cool,, not miss In this problem what must i find?? The miss or the key value?? I try find the miss great perfect and cool but so much value I dont know what the true addres,, and when i find the value how i edit that?? Im try to find the key value but im stuck Please help me master [added 2 minutes later] In my logic,, first is the key == false And then if player pres the key == true If this logic is true i want to create the key == always true
  14. Hello im starting learn game guardian,, I try to hack the game when the press is will be to perfect ,great ,cool or miss And i want to remove the miss,, so just perfect great and cool Im get the value miss is 105 byte,, but im stuck now What must i do for this value 105 to remove the miss??
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