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  1. Heloo,, i need help in here In this game i need to touch the key in the bar And then next the key is change when the circle finish the bar(the key always change) I try to using fuzy to get the value key,, so i dont need to touch the key I get the value,, but this just the value in the bar when i search When move to bar 2 the value i get is not work And then i try using group search because now i know the value But i get so much results,, i try to edit the value but force close How to solve this?
  2. Hello any one know how to fix this? When i select the game process always show top up like this
  3. My phone not rooted,, i use gg and the game in virtual sir [added 3 minutes later] Im using parallel space virtual,, just this virtual can use for this game in my phone
  4. I get problem like this,, the game can play if i not attach gg to the game process,, if i attach gg to the game process will pop up detection like that,, this not just for speedhack,, i just attach gg to the game proccess and than pop up detection,,how to fix it please?? My phone not root
  5. I try use old version game guardian but its same detected,, This gameguardian detected after the game update
  6. Limited12333

    GG Detected

    I set hide gameguardian 2,3,4 But its same detect I try to reinstall gameguardian but its not work Always detect when i choose the game proses How to fix it?
  7. Is possible to hack real value energy?
  8. Hello i try to hack energy in game ayodance mobile The value energy display is change when i edit But this energy is cant usee Is the value I changed wrong? Thanksss:)
  9. Hello can any one share tutorial for this game? I try hack the move but its so hard This link the game : https://m.apkpure.com/id/ayodance-mobile/com.megaxus.ayodance
  10. Pleaseee pleaseee master,, See my post:( im want to learn I have a problem but no any want to reply my posttt:( Pleasee see my postt
  11. No any one can help me??? I done posting 5 problem in here But no any one my posting reply:( Just and but he cant help me ahhh so bad,, im stuck and so hard finding people want to teach me:(
  12. Hello please help my problem I try to create some hack with game name ayodance mobile/audition mobile In this game you need to touch the arrow,, this have a four arrow,, left , right , top left, top right. And then this game play have 1 - 9 level (arrow) So when level 1 the arrow is 1, if level 4 the arrow is 4 The score we get from level 1 and level 2 is not same And i try to get value arrow,, so i dont need to touch the arrow,, just touch the screen to get the score Im using fuzzy search float im not touch the arrow And then when i touch all arrow in there im pause the game And i increase in game guardian To game again resume Im no touch any key pause the game And i decrease in game guardian Always like that And then i get 3 value I try freeze that,, and then this work Im dont need to touch the key again But the score is stuck,, like level 1 and level 2 be same score Level 2 is must higher than lv 1,, Can any one help me? Thanksss
  13. Hello, When i try to find value with a fuzzy search I get the 1 value last But this value is always change when switch to the game This value cant freeze I think i need a find a true value Any video tutoriali video for this problem?
  14. Hello can any one create script for ayodance mobile?? I just can create hack score but i need to always scan value becauce i cant find the true address,, Im working hard for find the true address but i cant i want to create hack so much like auto key, auto perfect, auto great, hack score but i just can do hack score and i always find the value not the address:( can any one help me pls?
  15. https://m.apkpure.com/id/ayodance-mobile/com.megaxus.ayodance
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