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  1. ElDogo

    simcity buildit banned

    how do they detect that we are cheating? 1. Automatic detection by game triggers. 2. Reported by other players. how are we banned? By city id.
  2. Americana buildings Dsearch 0;0;1;262144;1;0;0::29 Refine 262144, save, apply offset -98, returns all 25 addresses.
  3. The strange buildings you see are from the Chinese version of SCBI. Mainland China gets a few buildings not found in the regular game.On the other hand, they are a couple of seasons behind, can't have casinos (EA rebranded them as "clubs") and have other restrictions and perks. How to build outside the main map is something I've been wondering for awhile too.
  4. Is the shield hack patched? Haven't seen it used in the last few wars. Wondering if we got lucky or if EA finally fixed it.
  5. Actually, the 600 capacity can be hacked to the maximum allowed for a Word type variable: 65,535 but as BBG has pointed out, you don't have to hack the storage capacity because the number of items is not limited by the maximum storage. Since the items counter is a Dword, the maximum number of items you can have is 4,294,967,295.
  6. OK, got the 766 addresses. Now what? How do you get the buildings?
  7. EA patched the game. The unlimited energy hack no longer works. It’s back to the hacker’s drawing board for us ?
  8. Congrats Malevo on a well deserved win! In the end we were done in by a Gallego, of course. Well, that and the fact that EA changed the game in the middle of the contest making it impossible to match “T i t @n’s” initial score. Until we meet again... Chau
  9. Heh, heh... I guess y’all gonna lose by 10 points ? How is Buenos Aires today?
  10. Congratulations on your accomplishment BBG, please share and remember “Many hands make light work”. Those of us who can would love to give a hand and try and uncover the codes that make this possible.
  11. Hacking computer programs has never been easy. We do it because we are computer savvy and enjoy the challenge more so than the actual success. After all, once you have maxed out cards, unlimited war items, boosted energy and shield toggle, what is left to do on the war side of the game?
  12. This is already happening, with or without the hack. Clubs get ahead by a few points, get domed and never get out again. It’s a boring war to say the least and frustrating for the losing side since it is not the best team that wins, just whomever was awake when the war started.
  13. I feel like I’m on the threshold and can’t quite make it across... the language barrier and the loose usage of terms is maddening. This is what I have so far, maybe someone can take us over to the promised land by adding the missing steps: 0. Start with 10 destroyed buildings (green hats) 1. Search for n Dword where n = total number of buildings destroyed 2. Rebuild one building and repeat step 1 until you find the address that holds the number of destroyed buildings 3. Copy the address value - this is a long number not the number of destroyed buildings 4. Switch to the server (remote) and look up the address value you copied 5. Copy the address found on the server side 6. Go back to the local process 7. Save the two addresses 8. If you change the addresses Dword values to x you will see that the meter shows x/10 but the shield does not move 9. If you don’t freeze the values, the server will change them back to original within 1-2 seconds Obviously the addresses I have found are the ones that show the number of buildings destroyed not the ones that control the shield. What am I missing? How can I find out the controlling address that triggers the change in the displayed addresses? Can someone please add the missing element(s) or drop a hint that is less cryptic? Thanks in advance. Obrigado.
  14. The server value shows up as Word while the local value is Dword. Changing the local, updates the value but prevents from using the card. Changing the server value does not change the card value. Can you please give a clue to the clueless?
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