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  1. Does it have its own separate id or is it just two instances of the same city?
  2. Experience and simoleons when upgrading a building can be modified using the same method as with the neomall. Haven't figured out the golden and platinum keys but I would not be surprised if the same technique works there too.
  3. Using @NoFear's hack and the code listed above you can get all the mayor's pass buildings season 1 and 2.
  4. Once you have the addresses you buy the buildings off the neomall in the usual way but... we can't do that right now, we are all waiting for NoFear's detailed instructions before we can use the neomall again.
  5. Brilliant! I'm in awe of your reverse engineering skills. EA really tried hard to obfuscate things this time. Thank you so much for your efforts!! [added 2 minutes later] A word to the wise... download the video asap to your devices in case EA moles ask YT to take it down.
  6. I wouldn't mind seen the video without instructions. It's been fairly easy to follow what's going on in past videos.
  7. NoFear, we used to be able to buy any items or buildings in any quantity using the neomall and get as many simoleons, war simoleons, neosimoleons and platinum and golden keys when upgrading buildings (although hacking currencies was extremely risky if you wanted to stay on the legit server). All of that is now not possible. Would be great if you could help us out (once again) in attaining what is now locked. Thanks for all the help you have provided to us SCBI players using GG over the years!
  8. ElDogo

    simcity buildit banned

    how do they detect that we are cheating? 1. Automatic detection by game triggers. 2. Reported by other players. how are we banned? By city id.
  9. Americana buildings Dsearch 0;0;1;262144;1;0;0::29 Refine 262144, save, apply offset -98, returns all 25 addresses.
  10. Is the shield hack patched? Haven't seen it used in the last few wars. Wondering if we got lucky or if EA finally fixed it.
  11. Actually, the 600 capacity can be hacked to the maximum allowed for a Word type variable: 65,535 but as BBG has pointed out, you don't have to hack the storage capacity because the number of items is not limited by the maximum storage. Since the items counter is a Dword, the maximum number of items you can have is 4,294,967,295.
  12. OK, got the 766 addresses. Now what? How do you get the buildings?
  13. EA patched the game. The unlimited energy hack no longer works. It’s back to the hacker’s drawing board for us ?
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