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  1. Hacking energy isn't a good idea. If an opponent pays attention then they can spot you doing it, then they can log your activity and get onto EA, then there's a risk of both you and your club going on a one way trip to the naughty server. Getting war items and modest card upgrades can go under the radar.
  2. I've just managed to do it. Amazing. You must have a hell of a lot of patience to work this out.
  3. The one in this post on the first page. Having to freeze frame it to keep up, lol. Impressive knowledge on your part.
  4. No Fear, your war item hack is great, but I'm falling at the first hurdle. I do the search for 100;1000;0;2000;300::17 as dword like you do, then I untick the first one on the list, go to offset calculator on it, -30 is there and I do goto, copy the value that it takes me to and refine the search for that value, but it comes up with nothing found. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  5. I haven't actually done any levelling up with it, but I think if you apply the same principle of not doing it in ridiculously large chunks then it will avoid triggering flags. To be honest, I think levelling up in simcity is counter-productive anyway: Contest of mayors gets ludicrous at higher levels.
  6. Hi there, i've had a go at trying to isolate war card variables to up my war cards in SimCity Buildit. I've tried things like a Dword search for 4;15;8 (for example if you've got 4 of the 15 cards to get to the next upgrade of a weapon and it costs 8 gold keys to do it), but this approach is returning thousands of results, so isn't very helpful. Has anyone made any progress regarding glitching war cards?
  7. Essentially, when I've cheated I've worked out exactly what I want before doing so, worked out how much simcash/diamond keys I need beforehand, gone offline and bought all the things I wanted and only then go back online. I then have all the extra buildings and so on while my simcash and diamond key levels are about the same. So far I've gone undetected.
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