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  1. Yes. You can definitely buy buildings from Season 1. But not easy to search to find the right values. FYI, this image is from real server. It doesn't trigger the ban
  2. There must be. i was just searching to unlock premium pass buildings and somehow i found the address for season 6 premium pass building and i got them. i will try to figure out an easy way to unlock the buildings. i had to search through text and follow through different address and pointers. Once i found them, i will post here. [added 2 minutes later] FYI, DO NOT HACK Plumbob Points in Real Serer. You will get banned.
  3. i am sorry that english isn't your first language but i never said i am here to SHARE tricks. i joined like everyone did to know hacks and instead of being a cry baby i started working on my own and learned how GG works and figured some more hacks. i am happy to help people(not sharing) and some of them sent me a personal message to help them out with some other hacks and helped them. again just HELPING not SHARING.
  4. yep we are going to and please don't act like some kind of a legit club and the rest of the clubs are cheaters. The only reason people come to GG is to know hacks or help them and i saw your posts asking to share energy hack. I hope you figure it soon. Happy hacking
  5. if you know that you are in naughty island and you dont use the tricks then it means you dont know how to use the hacks. if you know those tricks. it will be a complete different story and trust me you will stay at the same rank or may be you can win 1 more but without the hacks you cant go up. thats the disadvantage of this naughty island @Prajimba. Just because you dont know the hacks doesnt make the opponents have to play fair. this is cheater server. there are NO RULES.
  6. Lol do u really think that the club stuck at that rank @Prajimba?? We started a new club and in that journey from bottom to top we met your club and we are going to pass you like we did from beginning ?
  7. Check your GG messages. we can talk there
  8. Hahaa lol. so you dont know what exactly is going on simcity. dont worry, u will find our club name and code 100% sure. we are all on cheater server.
  9. I didnt understand your problem clearly. you cant or you dont want to join us ??
  10. So you thought you lead the score bro ??? lmao If you want to join our team, you're most welcome.
  11. lol. you still believe you can win that ???
  12. Proof for what @SimcityHacker ?? Want to wait till the end of the game to know the result ?? 30 sec is enough in this server to tell who won the match
  13. Hey @Max1968.you sure they only hit one time and is it exactly 11000 or around 11000 score. can u provide any screenshots or something just to clarify myself. Thanks
  14. I really don't think that we can unlock the rest of the items but there must be a way to get unlimited activation limits. Still working on it @Edward9595
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