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  1. Yes i'm sure that its patched. I haven't see it in last wars too. :-))
  2. Can anybody help me, how the shieldhack is gone. Thanks
  3. Sorry my energy hack doesn't work more. EA Patched it. And in the last wars i saw nobody with unlimited energy.
  4. Sorry i ask so along time for information but no direct answere. :-((
  5. Have you hack your energy? Like moviemonster. For example: You use 10 moviemonster one after another so your time is stuck 23 hours before getting normal. But you have hack your energy where is the problem? You can shoot again with hacking.
  6. Yeah it's normal when you hack energy that the time is jumping. You can callculate the time till get normally = disaster energy you use x 15 min waittime p.energy + 3 hours. That is the time you need for normally countdown.
  7. In my opinion is this not more a forum for GG tips and tricks. This is a forum for "i'm the best and i don't tell anything". It's very sad what happend here. :-((
  8. That is bad. It was so nice to see how many clubs lose without shield and energy hack. ??
  9. When you only search hacks and not play, why you don't share the hacks? If Ea patched some hacks you have new work to find a other solution to hack. That will be a good great cheater done. :-)))
  10. How can i unlock the boost items? Duplicate it's not the problem but unlock. I play at the moment in Arena 2. Thanks for answer.
  11. Is here anybody how knows a nearly information to find the right value? I founded a value for shield but is only for local and few seconds. Then i saw a different adresse when shield is open or close. I have try it but no results. Please i need some tips.
  12. Can we go back to the main problem!! The shield. Thanks
  13. Waritems for sell, it gives a easilier way
  14. That's doesn't work with energy. You can do it but you come in a timewarp. And in this loop you can do nothing. :-((
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