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  1. The problem is with people who you think are trustworthy but in real they are not. Everyone but not everyone wants free hack. Giving free hack is like plague. Most of the websites are copy/paste and they always wait for the real moder to release the hack. That mod wasn't free actually. The guy who post it must have copied it from somewhere. it was actually leaked by someone who brought it just like someone leak your mod in last update. I have 10 clients they are very trustworthy. I have been selling nitro mod since last 4 updates and they never share my mod to anyone. Though nitro value changes slightly but it's easy to find on every new update. Building apk with only one architecture was a pain but now i have learnt it. And thanks for that tutorial, I have learnt few more things not everything though. it might take time but will learn it.
  2. Yeah, that actually sounds complicated n gg is itself time consuming. i know that mod is public and you ( i mean to you) can easily modify its existing offsets but not everyone. Here is where l exist .He might not update it later but i can. Nobody else has the offsets n brain to do so that's why they look around on youtube, here and there on copy/paste websites. That mod is original mean with brutal speed/unlimited nitro/ghost/drift radius..you really can't play mp with all that and ban is confirmed in a day or two or a week. Tons of reports are already been made. I actually want to learn from you .I might don't have your level brain or experience but i have the ability.
  3. I read your post that you use gg+gdb and hex editor but i din't get, how could you use gdb ( visual extension) without visual studio? You said you don't even use pc. if you could teach me, i promise next time you will see my own work. Though this my work like modifying the entire mod n finding all the hex patterns. I do give credit to the original moder but for his own mod not mine.
  4. You know what I actually tried pretty hard day n night to find out the codes be it android studio but the thing i failed. I couldn't able to fix this native lib error while debugging the apk. I worked on ida too but it was confusing and didn't understand the actual code cause i can't test each n every code. Searching hex pattern is easy.
  5. Well, there are two types of people. First, who work hard and gets nothing when someone steal there work. Second, smart people who don't focus on each n everything they just need one break point. I understand what you are trying to say but why not you just think it as a work no matter who and what. It's a game neither the moder owns it neither I then why to fight. And if your forum demand only original work then i don't think anyone follows it.
  6. where? The mod you are talking about is the original one. I just modified it for better use and nitro in air does trigger soft ban or cheat board for a day. Test by me on earlier updates. and safe/no ban is guaranteed by me cause i haven't exaggerate anything.
  7. Hi, I'm thelegendaryssc. I'm here to provide asphalt 9 cheats. Game version : 1.6.3a Mod Availability: Premium Cost: As per your requirement As of the original mod by vader, I modified it entirely. Modified menu: Original: To show your club mates that you are legit and can play career without AI ( literally no use for old asphalt 9 users) Career: soft acceleration to play mp only (not brutal but better then brutal) .Not recommended for newbies with extremely low class car.(safe/no ban) Online: To play daily events with high acceleration{ not brutal/better handling }, No AI and unlimited Nitro( Safe/no ban) I have removed ghost and nitro in air ( this actually cause temp ban or cheat board for a day). Detection ration is 0.1%. Report ratio 0.1% Contact me via email : 6seasons.98@gmail.com My YouTube cahnnel: THELEGENDARYSSCX
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