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    Hello everyone, Please welcome @Ruit as our new GG Team member and @Skullboyq as our new moderator!
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    Version 1.0.5


    Tutorial Cheat : https://youtu.be/qDSHnBNbMVU Stay Tune !
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    Recently we face a shield hacker...dont know how they can do that.....
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    Version 2.1.0


    Description: extracts PE-files (.exe, .dll, etc.) from .bin files. For example, memory dumps. For example, from the one that can be obtained through GameGuardian. Use cases: 1. .exe file to be placed in one folder with a .bin file (s) and run. 2. On the .exe file, drag the folder with the .bin file (s). 3. Write in the command line: > get_dll_from_bin.exe path/to/your/.bin/files Result: In the same folder where there were .bin files there will appear .dll files if something was found. Example of output: Usage: drag dir with .bin files to .exe. Tool scan its and extract pe files as .dll files in same folder. Author: Enyby. Used dir: dump dump/com.raongames.growcastle-00008000-0000a000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-04000000-1c106000.bin: Not valid PE header: 2e746578 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-1c179000-1c17c000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-94ebb000-95161000.bin: Make 0.dll with size 2737152 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-95169000-951ae000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-951c6000-95321000.bin: Make 1.dll with size 359424 Make 2.dll with size 878592 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-95325000-95335000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-9533d000-95583000.bin: Make 3.dll with size 309248 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-95783000-96fe2000.bin: Make 4.dll with size 1684480 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-96fe5000-97371000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-976f5000-b7756000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-b7942000-bac40000.bin: Make 5.dll with size 3072 Make 6.dll with size 9728 Make 7.dll with size 171520 Make 8.dll with size 103936 Make 9.dll with size 6656 Make 10.dll with size 10240 Make 11.dll with size 13824 Make 12.dll with size 24576 Make 13.dll with size 65536 Make 14.dll with size 47104 Make 15.dll with size 9216 Make 16.dll with size 41472 Make 17.dll with size 66560 Make 18.dll with size 44032 Make 19.dll with size 18432 Make 20.dll with size 29184 Make 21.dll with size 33280 Make 22.dll with size 175616 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-bf810000-bf831000.bin: Topic: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/16999-utility-for-extracting-dll-files-from-various-dumps/
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    Thanks a ton. I will do my best from now on to help give people every hack they need. Thanks to everybody who helped me even learn memory editing @geribaldi @NoFear ! You helped me from ground up to getting on a advanced level of mem editing, without all your tips and advice i would have never even learned half of what i know. The best dev on earth @Enyby And ofcourse Aqua and @d2dyno for everything!
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    It means you must be nice to members and its not good id you flame like a child _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later I think we have a working team. I close this thread until the admin needs more mods. Anyway, if you think you can help us. Be very active in our community and pm d2dyno for mod job
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    Yup yup. I like to drop the 1183 when I'm able to. Most games I use 1183 since NoFear is "taken". and thank you.
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    Version 1.0.0



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