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Help field offset




// Namespace: 


public class PlayerData.PlayerBattlePass // TypeDefIndex: 5383


 // Fields

 public int version; // 0x10

 public int score; // 0x14

 public int maxReachedScore; // 0x18

 public bool premUnlocked; // 0x1C

 public List<int> unclaimedFree; // 0x20

 public List<int> unclaimedPrem; // 0x28


So i used Field Offset Finder 3 by @Rxhacker

But script can't find value .

any other way to find this value or script.

Sorry my English bad 😔



Edited by LatoM
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22 minutes ago, Proejder said:

in this case use field search(lover1500) and toolbox (badcase) 

and what game is this

I want to unlock (bool premunlock)

So I don't know the value to use field searcher

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