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GameGuardian Lessons - greatestmeow

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Note: This article is re-shared because original author deleted it
What is GameGuardian?
GameGuardian is application for Android Operation System, which afford you to hack and modify memory, used by games and other software. Sounds complicated? Just look to screenshots below and you will quickly understand.
So, GameGuardian allow you to modify any numeric value (and not only numeric, but graphics data, like HP/MP bars, too).
As you can see GameGuardian designed to be your ultimate cheating and hacking solution.
There few features, you should know or be aware of:
  1. You NEED ROOT. Sorry, non-rooted devices will not support GameGuardian.
  2. GameGuardian is completely free. There is no paid functions or features. Everything completely free. However, your donations will be very nice and hardly appreciate. =)
  3. The performance of the program are very heavy based on your device’s CPU and memory. In other word – better your phone is, better and faster your program will be.
So, let’s move?
GameGuardian official site and authors
Official GameGuarding site is gameguardian.net. Beware, there are many scums in the Internet, who claimed that their ad-bloated sites are official residence of GameGuarding and they even asking money for this program! Assholes…
GameGuarding made by and maintained by four people:
  • d2dyno [Profile] – Owner, lead designer, project management.
  • Enyby [Profile#1] & [Profile#2] – Lead coder, project management.
  • Trasd [Profile] – Technical consultant, project management.
  • Aqua [Profile] – Creator (retired).
GameGuardian Download
Move on official GameGuarding’s site: gameguardian.net/download and follow this instruction to download:
1. Click on “Download this file”; 2. Agree with Terms; 3. Wait until download is end.
You can find latest version of GameGuarding on this link: gameguardian.net/download
GameGuardian Install
1. Now transfer installation file on your phone and tap on it to install.
2. Giving root access. One more time – you NEED ROOT to this APP works properly. You need grand root access few times.
NOTE: This is okay that name of GameGuardian changed from “GameGuardian” to some random gibberish like “yelbplyqvsly”.
This made in a order to bypass anti-cheat mechanism of some games. Nowdays games are searching for “GameGuardian” in your APP list and when they found “GameGuardian” they stop to work, telling you to delete this APP before playing the game. But if GameGuardian installed on your device with different absurd name like you see on screenshots below, anti-cheat mechanism of game will not work properly and you cheat freely.
3. That’s all. Now you have GameGuardian properly installed. You can find shortcut on your homepage.
NOTE: if, you have this message during the installation “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”, this means your device’s security settings are blocking installation APK not from Google Marker. You can disable it, by going into “Settings” – “Security” – “Unknown Sources: ON”
GameGuardian Update
If you installing newer GameGuardian over previous version installer will ask you to delete previous version from your device.
GameGuardian Uninstall
You can delete GameGuardian freely without any problem.
  1. Go in you APP list
  2. Find GameGuarding icon (in may names different, like some gibberish , it is okay)
  3. Delete it as any other program from your android.
  4. No restart or reboot needed.


Credit: greatestmeow




Lesson 2: GameGuardian Lesson - Searching “known” value


Note: This article is re-shared because original author deleted it
Let’s do our first hack in this GameGuardian manual.
For our first hack we will try something simply. I recommend Tap Counter [Link]. Only 80 KB, no special permission required. Try this one for practice.
Step #1. Launch GameGuardian and select “Tap Counter” as your target application. After that press on “cross” icon in top-right corner
Step #2. Now launch Tap Counter and tap it few times. Remember number 3 (three). Go back to GameGuardian and tap “known” button.
Step #3. Here we go. This is our search window. Input: value is “3” and type is “auto”. Start searching and wait.
Let me explain a little.
  • In “value” text field you should input value you would like to search, for example 3 (three) as you see in our game/app.
  • In “type” text field you should select one of the type you are looking for:
    • Byte – if your value is from 0 to 255;
    • Word – if your value is from 0 to 65,535;
    • Dword – if your value is from 0 to 4,294,967,295;
    • Xor – if your value is from 0 to 4,294,967,295;
    • Float – if your value has decimals, like 9.3335 or 12.2 or 76.705
    • Auto – all above in the single run.
Note: use “auto” everytime you want to hack game – this is a little slowly, but guaranteed you will find value.
Step #4. You see, you have 170,504 values (they named addresses) in the game, that have “3” in it. This is too much. Go back to the game and tap one more time. Now you have “4” (four) taps. Now, go back to GameGuardian and input value “4” in searching.
Step #5. Now you have 843 addresses with 4 in it, which has 3 while ago. Try to increase your tap counter one more time, up to 5 (five) and do search one more time. Ideally, you should do this step as many times as you want to get only 1-10 addresses to check.
Step #6. Wonderful, you have only 3 addresses to check, but look closely, they all share same address (22D338C8). but they differ in a type of data they store in. See this “B”, “W”, “D” at the right? You can modify any of this address in anyway you would like, but if you will hack “22D338C8” address with “B”-letter, you should input number from 0 to 255 (B stands for “Byte”), from 0 to 65,535 in W-letter (W stands for “Word “), from 0 to 4,294,967,295 in D-letter (D stands for “Dword “).
Tap on “22D338C8” with D-letter and change its value to any number you want (like 987,654,321) and tap “yes”. Now, go back to game and tap on it one more time to see  results.
Awesome! ^_^
Step #7. We have found value that can change tap counter. Now, we need to save it. Go back to GameGuardian and uncheck “W”-letter and “B”-letter values (since we don’t need them – “D”-letter accept more values). Tap on content-menu and tap on “Save Selected”. Now you can find your value on “Save list” tab.
Now you may change this value in whatever way you want, even decreasing.
Or freezing value. What is freezing? Well, in GameGuardian you can “stop” any value from increasing or decreasing. This way you can have maximum HP, MP or money every time in android game, no matter how many times you have been hit by enemies or items you bought.
Just tap one more time on value and check “freeze” value. By the way, you may tap on “normal” test string and this way change it to “may increase”, “may decrease” or “may stay in range”.
After that you will found “equal” sign near your value. Tap on it to quickly unfreeze your value.
Congratulation! Now you know how to hack android game. You should know, that many games are not so easy to break and you need to know some tricks and hints to mod game properly.
Keep reading to known more.


Next lesson is “grouped” search and hack.
Credit: greatestmeow




Lesson 3: Searching encrypted “known” value


Now you should be able to hack or modify any game, right?

Let’s try to hack score value in “300: Seize Your Glory” game. This is promo-game, based on “300:Rise of an Empire” movie.

Download GameGuardian APK: https://gameguardian.net/download and install it on your Android device

Okay, our score is 200 right now.


Go find it in GameGuardian (known search -> type: auto, value: 200).


We have found – 198,659 address. Well, too much.


Go back to game and increase our score a little, up to 1,550.


Go back to GameGuarding and try new search with value “1,550”.


Wait, what? Nothing have found? How this can be?

Yes, this can be.

Modern game developers trying to do everything to make their games harder to hack or modify. For example, you may see number 3,006 in your game, but this number may be actually stored as:

· Sum of two different number (700 + 2306 or 1402 + 1604)

· Multiply of three differnt number (501 * 3* 2)

· Floated number (300.6 or 0.003006)

· as number 62,530 (65,536 – 3,006)

· as any other number at all (33,584), e.t.c.

In this cases we can say that value in our game is encrypted and we should use special switch, see this:


Now try to do search with encrypted switch on.


wow. 174,228,480 addresses! This is much more then 198,659 address we had in first “not-encrypted” try!

Now, you need to make few iteration with new values. 1,750 points



5,000 points


24050 points


After few iterations we stuck with eight addresses, four of them share same address – 94B06338, but with different letters (F-letter, X-letter, D-letter, W-letter) and same story with 9E621920.

One of this address should store our score, but which of two. Let’s play a game, called Russian Roulette and try to change 94B06338 with D-letter.


And go back to the game


Holy moly! We found it!

As you can see, you should try use regular “non-encrypted” search first in order to get value you are looking for. And only if this failed – try “encrypted” search.

Awesome. You are almost pro, you only need to check one last lesson – unknown search.


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Lesson 4: Searching grouped “known” value


What is a group search? It is a special mode, where you are searching for multiply values in same time with thing in mind that this values located near each other.

What does this mean? Let’s check example.

This is a game named Greedy Cave – roguelike, with design borrowed from Don’t Starve.



Let’s make infinity HP and MP in Greedy Cave, shall we?

First open GameGuardian dashboard and select Greedy Cave as target application.

Now, open in-game menu and check your current HP and MP. 3,418 HP and 279 MP. Open GameGuarding and input this values through semicolon, like this: “3418;279” and start searching with “auto” mode selected.



Look what we have found here! We have found two addresses with “D”-letter and “W”-letter in them. Now, we can modify them and input any number we would like.



I don’t think it is good idea to input values too high, like “1,234,567”, so let’s input “9,999” only. Don’t forget to freeze them to prevent any changes. Don’t know what freezing is, check previous lesson. ^_~

Go back to the game and enjoy. Not you are immune to any attack and can spam magic like a crazy. Great, isn’t? Well, to be fair, some enemies may kill you if they deal more than 10,000 damage in single turn. In this case just increase your HP to 99,999.

So, as you see group search help you to save time in searching for proper values and greatly saves time.

You can do group search with this syntax: “var1 ; var2 ; var3 ; … ; var10 : range“.

  • var1-10 are values you would like to search. More values you input – slowly your search will be. Best practice is two-three values in same time. Use semicolon ( ; ) symbol to divided your values.
  • range is completely optional. As you can see from example above, I did search without inputting range at all. Range is special parament represent how far away values can be from each other. If you don’t specify range, this will be automatically selected as “512”

More about range.

Imagine that one value (HP, for example) stores in 80,000,000 address, while another value (MP, for example) stores in 80,001,000 address. Your HP is 3,700 and MP is 2,500. If you try to do search with command “3700;2500:800” – you will find nothing, because between this two values 1,000 more address. However, if you will try to do “3700;2500:1500” – you will find this two values.

P.S. And since we are hacking this game, let’s also modify credits (or gold, if you will) in this game. My current balance is “4,726,294” and this value can be easily find and modify in whatever value we want.





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Brilliant tutorial! Now these modification allows to tweaking numerical values, how do we do wallhack/aim-bot? Do they deal with lua scripting? 

I learned a lot on this thread. Thanks so much. Clear and concise examples

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On Mon Dec 24 2018 at 12:33 PM, lonejava said:

 how do we do wallhack/aim-bot? Do they deal with lua scripting? 



It's not about Lua scripting

Lua script is used for quick hacking and don't need any knowledge to use it


For Wall hack

It only finding the values by guessing

Because we don't know what is value of it

By searching like 100~200,0.1~0.5 ,-2~-1 ..... 

When you change any value it will show the change in game 

Most of script creators search in Float because if we Search in Dword it will crash the game 

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17 minutes ago, AjYouTube said:

Most of script creators search in Float because if we Search in Dword it will crash the game 

Wrong. Any type of search can not crash game.

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1 minute ago, Enyby said:

Wrong. Any type of search can not crash game.

I mean 

If I search 100~200 then I got 4000 Results 

I divided into 1000/4000

Then I changed to 300 or other number 

All game I dealed with when I edit the values in Dword it freezes and crash



Oh sorry I was talking about editing at that line

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42 minutes ago, AjYouTube said:

Oh sorry I was talking about editing at that line

Exactly. Search can not crash game.

Any wrong edit - can. And does not matter edit you dword or float - if this is wrong edit, then game crash.

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Posted (edited)

Hallo, how about 3 result of encrypted values with different addres? The sample show as 4 result with same addres. I actually try hacking Dungeon Survivor 1, with guide of Someone here. Search in Google "dungeon Survivor mem hack (offline game,online ranking) - general discussion" 

In that game I found 3 encrypted values in float. And then he tells to dividing those 3 values by two(2,4,8,16,32) what does it mean? And how come?

Edited by Kikizimin

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