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  1. Just curious, does Magisk install files to /data and /cache every time the device boots (essentially rooting it via the boot image each time)? I haven't needed it, so I've not investigated it yet, but I have a feeling when I finally update my tablet, it will be the only way left to root! If I cannot root, I'll give up on Android, I hate to say....
  2. Anyone wondering still, GG works fine on Arma.
  3. Enyby - ROFL! Thanks, but I've never really gone anywhere, I just don't say a whole lot! In fact, I don't remember the last time I posted in the regular forums. Busy, busy, busy.... But, since my main tablet is finally rooted, I'll be checking in a bit more. Enyby must be one of the best Android programmers I've ever seen, so I've not been getting in his way (he certainly doesn't need my help), though I'm around for technical stuff when needed.
  4. Wow, some people amaze me with their lack of understanding, but yet, claim they're experts! "...but suspect include a back door viruses..." I mean, really?
  5. Ciao, perché non inserire un file che impedisce al server di accorgersi della modifica dei parametri di gioco ?


    1. Trasd


      This is what I got from your comment: "Hello , why not include a file that prevents the server from noticing the change of the parameters of the game?"


      Any request or ideas should be sent to d2dyno or Enyby. But, I can tell you, if the data is kept on a server, there is not a lot that can be done. If your local data says one thing and the server data thinks the data is different, chances are the server data will take precedent or the app will just crash.

    2. theoneandonlyerik


      Can I get an Amen?!

  6. Go to IT eBooks and search for "Hacking" (be sure to select the "Title" radio button). Decompiling doesn't work quite like I think you think it does! Having Java source code isn't really going to help much. You'd be better served learning about computers in general (hex, little-endian/big-endian, etc.), and specifically Dalvik code, if you're interested in Android. Look at the books on the IT eBooks site. Knowledge is your best weapon. To get back on subject, decompiling is difficult and even if you could recompile the code, the signatures would be different. For different signature ramifications, Google "Android app Signing." There are online apk decompilers and they work fine, but you need to know Android programming for them to make sense, especially as any XML layouts are not decompiled as XML, but as dificult-to-read code. Good luck.
  7. Read my tutorial (the post before yours)! Every game is different, there is no magic formula. It all depends on how they store their data and how well you understand computers. Many developers intentionally hide or disguise the values so that they are extremely difficult to hack. That's the fun of it for me. EDITED: A couple years ago, I wrote a on finding values using GG (sort of), but it does demonstrate finding specific numbers. I suggest you study it, too.
  8. I'm confused as to why non-GG means it's not Android! To me, it just means hacks\edits without GG! Please explain. Take a look here.
  9. Until Cooperb gets a chance to write his tutorial, check out my Android Infinity Engine Enhanced Edition saved-game editing tutorial - Hex Style. This technique will work for any platform and almost any saved data (depending on how much data-file format information you have access to or can figure out).
  10. By your number of bumps, I understand there can be some aggravation because it seems like you are being ignored. Please remember, though, there is an ever increasing amount of new mobile titles and many times, your answer may be somewhere else or no one has played that same game, yet. Even if this is the case, please "pay it forward;" give the details necessary for others to edit their own games - share your experience. You never know, this may get others interested in the game and then someone may research your gem/money problem.
  11. Make sure your cookies are enabled for this site. If that doesn't work and no one else can help, I suggest you create a GG account.
  12. Try different representations of the value. No matter what, it has to be represented as a hex number and, most hex numbers can be converted into decimal numbers which can, of course, be searched in GG. Part of the hacking trick is figuring out how the value is stored! Good luck.
  13. Well, I like to think of myself as a "stay at home engineer", with green skin in a dark, natural, stone dwelling deep in the earth! But hey, to-ma-to, to-mat-o...
  14. You need to post your request in the correct forum and supply the template-requested data or your question will probably not be answered and could even, possibly, be removed. Also, I think this game is server side, so it would have to be an apk hack, which has its own request forum, too. Good luck.
  15. Welcome Arthuroo! Can't you setup PP to use your checking account info?
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