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  1. For gold you need to set the search range to more regions
  2. harryk

    Hey There!

    I've used pivot before, but that's as far as i went with 2d. For 3d, try Blender 3D. Its free and open source. Took me a couple of days to learn the basics with youtube tutorials. I use it to make minecraft animations and still images
  3. Looks like we have two alternatives. Either make an offline mod, Which would let us use GG to edit variables, or figure out which variables are verified with the server, and which aren't. Any modders feeling up to the task? Edit: After playing it for a while, I feel like I need to take a bath. It's your typical money leeching freemium filth.
  4. harryk


    We have a french moderator here who greets all the newcomers. Its funny he missed this one thread Anyway, welcome to GG forums. What is your language? (programming language, i mean)
  5. harryk

    Hey There!

    Animator? cool. I'm a bit of an amateur 3D animation enthusiast myself. What program do you use, Blender or the paid alternatives?
  6. Hi, Welcome to GG Forums!
  7. harryk


    Welcome to GG! There is a thread in the requests section for Avengers Alliance, but it doesn't look promising. Keep an eye on it though.
  8. EDIT: nevermind. didn't read the whole thread
  9. If you still can't get play store to work, go to /etc and delete the file named 'hosts'. That usually works for me
  10. I've been trying to mod APKs by decompiling and rebuilding them. I tried using different sets of tools, but none of them seem to work. I tried using apktool and APK studio. Both can decompile and recompile the apk, and as long as i don't modify the source i can install the APK on my device after signing it. But if i make any change to the source such as changing if-nez v0, :cond_b to goto :cond_b the rebuild process still works, but the rebuilt APK file can't be installed on the device. The 'Installing' screen is shown for a while, then it says 'app not installed'. The failed installation creates an empty folder in /data/data named com.<name of developer>.<name of app>, which I have to delete before trying to reistall. Any thoughts on why the rebuilt APKs don't install?
  11. harryk

    Android L

    Android's freedom and flexibility are its biggest selling points. I can't imagine why they'd want to take that away from Android.
  12. download "android terminal emulator" from play store, and try running the 'su' command to check if the root works.
  13. Firefox crashing :
  14. If you enjoy puzzle games half as much as I do, these two games will blow your mind! The visuals are just gorgeous, with the game being based on the unity engine. I spent most of my spare time on them these last few days. The plot is laced with mystery and suspense, that compelled me to keep playing. There may be another game in the series soon, since the second game ended in a cliffhanger. Here are the links: http://www.fireproofgames.com/the-room http://www.fireproofgames.com/the-room-two
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