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  1. Haha, yes. Once I got stuck in the wall and the hunter just stood by me unable to do anything. It was funny. Will try it using the rugby ball technique. But do you happen to know how to pin down memory addresses responsible for the wall hacks, transparent map mods?
  2. I playing with the script right and you were right. I might be wrong but it does a group search for 5.0E,6.0E,7.0E,8.E:666 LMAO the script does seem to 'work'. Right now, I'm stuck in a wall but can't pass through and the funny thing is, the hunter can't hit me as the hit box of the object keeps hitting his weapon. Now only if there was a way to completely pass through it, that will be amazing.
  3. I don't really know. Have you tested out the black-undo script for Identity V? I haven't been able to check it out. Turns out Nox player doesn't corporate with game guardian and memuemulator just crashed on me.
  4. I'm beginning to see it. I had to read through this as well to improve my understanding https://www.gamecheetah.org/blog/bypassing-xor-encryption-game-guardian/ I'm going to mess with xOR encryption on the game, Love Nikki and see how it goes.
  5. d*** it and here I thought it'll be a plain text lua script.
  6. Where you able to read the file lua script I shared? I just opened them expecting typical lua to be there but is not! Look https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZ9dnC7ZTjGxNAhRy8b937zXJmY89Q9Dd0aX
  7. I pasted this on another forum to spark interest in this, because not many people are concerned with the game >> For paste couple of days, I've been messing around with it to get proxy going. The most time consuming part has been getting a web debugger working. Long story short, it was a pain the a** and stupidly infuriating. My initial approach was to figure out the outgoing/incoming calls to the app. After pinning those down, I decided to block them and see how the app behaved. For an odd reason, after black-listing it here it still manages to receive a response! The main calls which I found were to domain aihelp.net & cs30.net Upon visiting the domain, both of them seem to be irrelevant [they seem to concern with providing help desk support] to resuming the state of the game i.e coins spent, server time, etc. I don't know how to proceed from here. I find it hard to believe a domain is managing to bypass the proxy server I set up. It is meant to pipe all traffic through the application Charles-proxy. I've uploaded the log of the response call for the curious here , here and here One thing I want to point out, after spending a lot of time checking through the response the application gets, I don't see anything related to pushing the account details of the user back to the application. The only check I seem to see happening is 'time-check' with the server. There wasn't anything related to sending value of your coin, gems, or in-game store purchase so far. All of it seems to be stored on client machine. But it still wants the internet connected. Any pros out there know what might be happening?
  8. Haha, maybe next time. By the time I realized I could try Fiddler, I had invested quiet bit of time figuring out Charles. I also came across this, mitmproxy But will stick with Charles for now until its nagging message asking me upgrade becomes too unbearable ?
  9. I've been spent some time killing how to mod random games an recently got sucked into intercepting mobile traffic [SSL] via a proxy [CharlesWebProxy]. It was one of the requirement for Love Nikki game as it does server checks. So, the only progress I made on it was to be able to see encrypted traffic as for an odd reason, the phone wasn't being corporative. Regarding the script, I did came across scripts and dumped them here https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZkTeC7Zr592NelW9fbDXv9mJHyDUXSTWBSV So far, I haven't been able to go through the script. The web proxy server took me stupidly forever to get running. It seems to be functional but I still doubt it. On the side note, I think it is impossible but has there been games in the past which were able to spoof/send fake data to the server and were considered valid? But this might be the over the top modding though for a game. Beyond memory addressing but actually modifying server packets.
  10. I honestly have no idea what is being said here. GG displaying a backup of an edit value? Xor key being before the target? But why. Assuming the key is '4 bytes' away, it doesn't mean it the target will lie before the key being modified. I see xor as an alternate way of finding memory address without directly doing exact search on a value. Instead, we jump around the memory spaces until we hone into our target. But when we 'reach' that point, we mess the value before or after the address. Why? ?
  11. I wonder how did the author of the video figure out the memory address or key value pair responsible for the wallhack and speed hacks.... like there is no real 'value' which you get to see with in game currency.
  12. A member in another forum mentioned about being able to intercept the server check the application receives. For past couple of hours, I've been using Charles Proxy server to figure out what kind of check it is getting. But so far, the SSL certificate is refusing to be recognized, hence I keep on getting SSL failed handshake. All the traffic from my laptop goes through it without a problem. Frustrating indeed. Even though the diamond hack worked, I have a feeling it will get reverted. I have no idea if the change was cosmetic of not. I was only able to bring the value of the diamond down, not increase. Decreasing the diamond value does not necessarily bring the other values down. They keep fluctuating with each change.
  13. I'm not sure if this merits a new thread but I'll continue here. I decided to tackle this game for learning purpose as it showed top on my feed. I tried multiple approaches to increase my in-game currency from simple exact search, xor search to fuzzy search. I observed the following 1) In one instance, each change to the coin value result in a completely different sent of values in the memory which corresponded to it. After managing to pin down 7 addresses. Each decrement of the coin value resulted in a completely random set of dwords/floats types. Example: if gold value was 20,000, the values showed in the memory addresses were 5,133,221. Completely random pic 2) After fudging in the memory tweaks, I managed to get absolute random set of values. AFAIK, I simply set the honed down memory address to 0 which resulted in this -> look closely at the top bar. My progress in this game was to get the gem value to be shown as --nan Insight from the pros will be appreciated on how to further tackle this problem. I can code if that helps in Java/JavaScript.
  14. I'm guessing when you unlock the dash skill, you override its dash distance - allowing you to jump through walls. Look at this... it's so funny!!! Do you guys thing it is being done through simple memory address or is scripting in the mix? I have no idea how can tweaking the memory address allows to see through walls to walking through obstacles.. Umm... maybe there is a Boolean function which says, "ignore wall collision" something ? I
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