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Found 97 results

  1. FoxMindFM

    Dragon Raja

    Hello... I would try to make some diamonds in Dragon Raja.. But its not working.. do you know how the right script on diamonds it would be if I have 78.. I add more bot nothing happens
  2. Hellow pro, master and mister can someone help me how can i create a file with random name Example i want to create 50 or 100 file with random name using lua how can i make please help me
  3. Hellow can someone say how can i create text file with custom name and custom file extension Example Nice.txt Work.xml How to create that please help
  4. GameCrasher

    Decryptor lua?

    I remember a lua file that van decrypt any file, when I serch for it now its suddenly wiped from existence, I want to decrypt a file but I dont want Top geo to help, does anyone have that file??
  5. I am struggling with doing anything related to changing values to currencies or how to obtain them please help I started this a few days ago but have not gotten very far. i would like to change some currencies such as credits, tokens, and fusion coins. also couldn’t get lucky patcher you work for iap but that is consistent across most online based games that I have tried. I have asphalt and everything on my tablet and I am working the site on my iPhone.
  6. How do I add anti log to my script?
  7. Jackb4224

    Game Guardian fix

    Hello! I have xiaomi redmi note 7 android 9.0 version miui 10. my problem is that most game guardian games don't detect. I changed the virtual space but it did nothing. Is it because of miui? Screenrecorder-2019-09-18-15-12-50-628.mp4
  8. etmoides

    Score! Match

    Hey. How are you doing? Google Play Link: Score! Match I wonder if someone could hack this amazing game with gg. Maybe if its possibly even do a LUA script. Thanks!
  9. Well, I'm having problems with Game Guardian since when I bought my phone, it is a Galaxy Note 3 with Root, my problem is that when I try to use SpeedHack it simply restarts my device. Sometimes with you and most of the time the attempt is a failure. I was wondering what should I do to solve this problem Help me please
  10. what is the right way (command), to change the value that has been in, freeze it, for example: funtction ON () is code to fly whereas: function DOWN () to go down .. please help me to understand more
  11. What is Global variables & why is thats slow , and how to search fast by not using global variables ?
  12. I want to Edit The save List at my Script and someone tell me that I should do this code to load the result for editing but I don't know what should I do gg.loadResults(gg.getListItems()) So if you know the Solve of this problem please tell me I use GameGuardian 99.0 For Knowing
  13. Boss45

    Marvel Future Fight

    Ok so I tried hacking Marvel Future Fight and I found the value of Gems which is -186,337,280 I tried changing acheivements and rewards with this. It would work visually and whenever I froze the value it gives me warning. Is there anyone else who might have found any vulnerabilities. If so try editing the gem code and please tell where the vulnerability is
  14. Gameguardian is being detected while selecting the game in process, with a message prompting Policy violation 00000018. Many games are being detected like Nxb NV, Ayodance. Any help would be really helpful as there is a huge community using this service for a longtime I hope it would grow and continue. P.S the game is running on Virtual Environment
  15. Help me how to use plsss dont post video just the lua thank you Video https://youtu.be/DUeM7CrUb8k
  16. Someone please help me! The files dont work! After I download them NOTHING happens. I have to go to files and open them and then THERES NOTHING INSIDE OF THEM AT ALL!!! Theres just an empty thing that says GameGuardian. 100.0 THATS ALL THERE IS i cant click on it or use it, or import to chrome! ITS USELESS FOR ME! I TRYED HARD AND DELEATED THEM EVERY TIME I TRYED AGIN BUT IT DOSNT WORKK. I have no idea why this keeps happening! I have one of the latest ipad air! I also tryed on my iphone 5! HELP PLEASEEE!!!! Thank you to WHOEVER helps me solve this problem.
  17. Hi guys how are you today. I need some help. I am trying to cheat PetrolHead Joyfull City, I already got gold hack and cash hack but I cant find cars stats like the cars max speed etc... if you can help me on this this will be helpfull for me thank you everyone. This is the game link : PetrolHead Joyfull City
  18. Anyone know how do i type reset memory ranges Do i type it like this? gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_RESET) Am i right? Or no What should i type?
  19. Without being told the value of aim assist how would you find it? Do you have to wait for it to lock on then increase value or something?
  20. Hi everyone that reads this forum so i was finding values in a game amd everything went so far off to searching addresses and The rest of the script but when i execute a button i get a problem. Must call gg.getResults( ) before gg.editAll( ) I did that in the screenshot below but idk whats going on with it. Is there a problem with it? //Basically what i did was search the weapon then goto the address and saw some Boolean floats that are zero but if edited to one then gives you a gun or infinite ammo, coded the script and wrote everything but got the error must call gg get results before editing
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