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Found 9 results

  1. environment: samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g (root by magisk), android 11 root: with root permission version: gg 101.1 can be reproduced: yes on my phone description: in the start page, tap <fix it> and find <select the type of floating windows>, then some squares with different color popped out and a big cancel button. after tapping the cancel button, some squares did not disappear and gg froze, followed by a notification saying gg has crashed and some logs have been written. after reopening gg, selecting <prevent unload: level 3> and redo the same process, gg crashed again. XD here are the compressed log file and some screenshots. crash.txt GG_logcat_r101.1_16142_11_30.zip logcat.zip
  2. (SORRY For the bad english. I speak spanish) Today i installed GG and its not working to me. I get an error saying that i dont have my phone rooted but i do.. i have SuperSu v2.78 and Android v5.1.1 Lollipop. I attached the picture of the error and the Log cat. But as i said I do have my phone rooted and it says that i dont :/ Please Help ASAP 2016-09-13-00-32-39.txt
  3. I dont know what is unrandomizer how can i use it?
  4. Hello there, I am new in this problem. Before this, I used GG v6.0.2 and it worked well. After I uninstall it and update to v6.0.5 it happened to close by itself in a few seconds afterI grant the superuser permission. I have downloaded back all the old versions of GG and it happened to be the same problem. Now I can't rule my own game. Please admin or the genius out there help me. Currently OS is JellyBean 4.1.2 cm10 and device is Xperia Miro with 512 RAM. Rooted excellently. Please tell me the real problem is and the way to fix it. Thank you. *sorry for the bad english and terrible grammar.
  5. ....I just found that CN Virtual Machine.....that is perfect for using GG but for some reason every time I try to turn speedhack on - long press GG....it instantly crashes on every game, even the ones I know GG speedhack works on....
  6. Device has root; running outside; try to hide GameGuardian; try to disable R/W permissions(data/data/"gamefolder"/file); GG_logcat_r101.0_16139_9_28.log
  7. Hi! This error occoured a few times, I tried looking for anyone with similar problem, but no success. So I wanted to freeze 4 DWord values and it worked for about 30 seconds, after that GG crashed with the following: Daemon crashed PID: 14191 Error code: 0 Any idea how I could fix this please? My Vibe X2 is rooted, I granted access to GG (not Daemon specifically, only GG asked for root permission) Thanks in advance for your help! Update: tried it once again, got a bit more detailed error
  8. Leothewolf122

    Game crash

    Sir i use game guardian but when i open it with free fire and search a value it crashes pls help me
  9. Hello, could someone help me, informing me how do I put gems in the game crash on the run, and if it is possible to do this process? I tried to do it, the gems appear, but then disappear. Thanks
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