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Found 97 results

  1. I already have the car IDs, but none of the hacking methods are working in version 5.4.0o of the game, or would it be my mistake? For example Trion Nemesis 131;5;5;5;5:17 ( or ::17 ) not worked for me. The new method I see here doesn't work as well. Also, I would like to know if if I hack a Hidden Car that cost credits, will I be banned? My attempts would be through replacing the ID (classic method) or through Mastery (replacing the reward for the car), but none of the methods worked for me ( The Mastery tutorial here on the forum is the old one)
  2. Ok so I get the basics of changing 0.5 and what not but how in the world do you find out that changing 0.5 allows you to walk through walls?
  3. I need some help in hacking this game, when i hide GG from the game and change the value it keeps returning into it's original value, freezing doesn't help
  4. Hello, How do I script for a search of a hex value that the beginning of the hex and the end is always the same but the middle changes everytime the game opens. Example 0000007F697F1E98 0000007F697C9E98 0000007F69148E98 That's the same value I need to find, each one is from opening the game again, as you can see the begining and ending remain the same but the middle digits change. Is there a way to search for 0000007??????E98h And what do the colors mean? When I GOTO and browse the hex values are mostly white text but some are yellow or purple or red. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have a problem, I cannot run scripts, the scripts dont display and when I click on the folder Download, GG crashes
  6. Does anyone know if game gaurdian will work on FeaturePoints. If so does anyone know the file that holds your point level?
  7. I'd like some help using gameguardian. When I search a value and go back to the game to change that value, the second search always found 0 results... Anyone with the same problem? Please help, thank you.
  8. I cant figure it out with gg. I've tried hacking the prize lines for races and It changes the number just like when I hacked csr2 racing. But after the race the prize It gives is back to normal and I dont get what I changed it Tom PLEASE HELP. HAS ANYONE HACKED REBEL RACING??? [added 4 minutes later] Please approve lovely mods:)
  9. Yanik

    How make anti-hook

    Help me please. How make anti-hook
  10. I just got banned from NFS no limits because I just use a gold hack.I found some YouTubers trying to hack gold in NFS no limits.They use GG to hack NFS NL.Maybe you already know this trick.I am talking about the loading screen hack on NFS NL.If you don't know,you can easily learn this trick by googling.This trick gives you more than 9 million gold to your NFS NL account.So I just found this trick some months ago, but everytime I try it didn't get success so about 5 days ago I just got succeed and I got 7,777,77 million gold on my account.so I played the game without any issue for 5 days and today when I launch the game it says "YOU ARE BANNED" and I just figured out I just got banned from this game.I tried multiple accounts I have but it didn't work.I just try to reinstall the game by apk file that I backup before and even the system doesn't allow me to install it.I just got error saying "app not installed".So I went to play store and installed NFS NL successfully.I didn't download the game data again because I backup it before uninstallation.After the installation done I just moved my backed up game data folder to NFS NL game folder.After that I launched the game and it still saying "YOU ARE BANNED".I tried parallel space with multiple accounts but it still gives me this message.At this point I just feel now it's enough.Does any one know how can I get my account unbanned.I really need my saved data.Please help me if anyone know how to solve this issue, thanks.Sorry if my english is bad. More Info Device: Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB,4GB OperatingSystem: Androidone Android 9.0 Pie with November 5 security update 2019. Game: Need For Speed No Limits Version 4.0.3 (58551) Reason: Banned Account to get unban. Date: 2019 Dec 4 ________________________________________
  11. My phone restarts everytime i use a hack in a lua or search a code i dont know whats going on. Back on my oneplus everything was fine but now that on my Galaxy note 20 it just reboots my phone. Anyone know why?
  12. nalcwap

    strings help

    hi some people changed values with help of strings in games, my question how know the place for the values with the help of strings?example string life if i want find the value life how know where life value is stored?
  13. i started playing this rpg-book-game, everything normal until they put you in a ultra hard fight where you 98% will die, so, you pay or you lose your character, i tried modifying money, stats, i even tried using other apk ( lp ) and it worked, 10 minutes later they knew what i did and blocked my account, the game is this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.bookgame.library.bookgamelibrary
  14. MAARS

    Script Debug

    Hi i am facing some problems with my Scrip when i am in the main menu if i clicked "Cancel" the Script is closing with error. I dont know why. To prevent this before i was using the code below if menu == nil then gg.setVisible(false) end but it is not working now. I think the problem is coming from Debug. Help me to fix this please. Beach Buggy 2.lua
  15. I have this mass problem all of a sudden and i think thats why my Minecraft Script wasnt working from the start [NO ROOT USER] So first everyone knows when u log in parrelell space it shows the gg icon in your apllication ur supposed to select that your modding i did that to make sure i selected the app so gg knows what your modding in parrelel space , then after i use speed hack or search number its like instead of gg hiding from the app the app hides from gg and once again it shows the small gg icon in the app you have selected also nothing works and u cant find values or modify speed once that happens this happened to zombie age 3 BUT it wasnt acting like that once i modifyed the total coins i got after ALSO, this happened to minecraft, PAKO 2, Moonshades, Zombie scrapper , Johnny Trigger, Pixel Force, Infectornator, Swat and Zombies season 2 , ZF3D , thats all games i had cause i had to hardware reset, device was too overloaded What im saying is , why does the app does that after a search?
  16. Victorhyd


    Does someone can hack a mmorpg? It seems Very easy but i cant understand nothing from scripts/hacks /, the name of game is mystera legacy, someone can help me please?
  17. Hi guys, I starte cheating on NFS NL i see many video about it and it work i mak an account with 1 Billion money and 1 Billion Gold. So my question is there is any ban risk in this game ? if yes then what is the safe amount of gold an money to avoid ban risk ? Thank you guys.
  18. can someone guide me making script that will only work on one device per username/password ....I am not being able to code it
  19. Hellow to all pro and master here can you help me How can i function my gg.removeListItem() to remove the value with name in SaveList Like this but i got error Please help me to all master here function ON(on) .setRanges(gg.REGION_C_BSS | gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS ) gg.searchNumber('-1,057,677,640D;-1,057,761,526D;1,110,143,140D', gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.searchNumber('-1057677640D;-1057761526D', gg.TYPE_DWORD) local t = gg.getResults(15) for i, v in ipairs(t) do t[i].freeze = true t[i].name = 'DRV' end gg.addListItems(t) gg.clearResults() end function OFF(off) local del = {} local ros = gg.getListItems() do do for i, i in ipairs(ros) do if i.name == "DRV" then table.insert(nil, i.address) end end end end gg.removeListItems(del) gg.clearResults() end
  20. Hello guys I want who can hack me the gold in this game i already tired from many tries and my device not able to be rooted any one if can hacking to me and give me the account which he hacked. I will give him specific gift and expensive but i wanna who can proff in this part of hacking game.. Finally waiting yours replies thank you
  21. I need to fix how to hide menu without closing script 20200510_115740.mp4 MAARS MC5 VIP.lua
  22. Frostnall

    Kaion Tale

    Playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilecostudios.kaiontale.android can anyone modify any real? the data is alternated but has no effect on the game. I need this help, if necessary I will pay!
  23. I want to create a login system that connects to a website so I dont need to create a server
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