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  1. Use what @Enyby posted http://www.tutorialspoint.com/compile_java_online.php change the range that is set from 0 to 30 to a different range. Something like this public class HelloWorld{ public static void main(String []args){ for (int i = 68000; i < 68001; i++) { long l = Double.doubleToLongBits((double)i); System.out.println(i + " = " + Long.toHexString(l) + " " + Float.intBitsToFloat((int)(l >> 32))); } } }
  2. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    Not negative values, sorry. Very very very small floating. I'm still messing with it. I know a modded apk exists, still nice to hack it with memory hacking though
  3. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    The dword values your are finding isn't the correct value. The value you are looking for is a negative value. Edit : after hacking gems, I can't prestige or buy cards. Close reopen game, gems go back to 0.... Might be another value monitoring earned gems and another monitoring spent... I'll have to mess with it more.
  4. How do you know this and figure this out? You are talented!
  5. Counting up from 1 1072693248 1073741824 1074266112 1074790400 1075052544 1075314688 1075576832 1075838976 1075970048 1076101120 1076232192 1076363264 1076494336 1076625408 1076887552 1076953088 1077018624 1077084160 1077149696 1077215232 1077280768 1077346304 Values 1 through 23. If something doesn't seem right, I could've mistyped...
  6. I'll try. Sorta difficult to obtain a value I want. Edit: Game is I Love Coffee. It is by Line.
  7. Please, need help with determining how values are converted. Here is a list of values in game and the Dword value of it: 10 1076101120 7458 1086136832 7468 1086139392 7478 1086141952 2978 1084703680 3056 1084743680 3234 1084834816 3254 1084845056 3289 1084862976 3299 1084868096 3309 1084873216 3334 1084886016 3354 1084896256 15492 1087259136 15570 1087269120 Hopefully @Enyby you can help me
  8. d*** @Enyby you know your stuff... Maybe you could help me to figure out the pattern to values in another game? Very similar to this, but not a perfect pattern it seems. Maybe I could pm you with some of the values I have and you could help?
  9. Every 4th value it becomes half again as much for the increase. 4 values increase at .00390625 4 values increase at .001953125 Then .0009765625 See the pattern?
  10. I'm good at finding values and hacks. Have over 100 videos for many different hacks and good amount are online. I didn't get ip banned by gameloft for nothing
  11. Please please can you add greater than less than combo? Let's say I know the value is between 1076894760 and 1078894760. Being able to enter both and immediately narrowing results would be PERFECT. Right now I have to do one and then the other. But, as other random values change, they don't narrow results as quickly as they could. So I have to do 2 different searches. I know I can pause game and yield same result, but online games are risky to pause and can cause sync issues. Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work!
  12. To find value that change location: Unkown dword search Have value change ONLY ONCE. Unknown search increase (might not always be increase, but majority of the time yes). Known value search. And sometimes this is enough to narrow results for a single change on memory relocation each change. Edit: this is assuming game doesn't have obscure values. If it does, it makes it even more difficult and need to figure out how it encrypted/masked the value.
  13. NoFear


    With this latest update, Game Guardian is now hands down the best memory hacking app. Thank you so much for your continued hard work and such a great app!!
  14. I know this game at least every launch will work. Just memory locations are didn't, never the offset.
  15. Browsing nearby memory of the values I knew I wanted to edit. I found values that were large/unique. Finding those values will always have same distance to the value I originally found and want to edit. Not sure you can entirely 'automate' this... But wondering if that's how sbgamehacker had a list of titles that was basically a one click hack. Would be a per game basis. Not a 1 code hack all and I think that's what you're thinking.
  16. You would do a union search with that and a few other values. If floating then use the dword value. Basically create a single search that can only return those values. Great example: I don't think the values I search had much meaning, but, got me a reference point to find the smaller values.
  17. I feel it could be possible... Need to find a value that's always the same value (unique value) and then the offset from that location to other values sometimes it's same distance away. Rarely values are stored in same memory location, but common they are same offset. I think that's what @geribaldiis getting at.
  18. If value of item is 1, search 1.875 (floating) 2 of item, search 2. (floating) Some other sample values. 2.3125 5 2.375 6 2.4375 7 2.5 8 2.53125 9 2.5625 10 2.59375 11 2.625 12 2.8125 20 10 524288 You can see the trend of point 125 then 0.03125 Then later the increments get smaller and smaller. As you see 10 floating is 524,288. When editing values, keep in mind the decimal. Best is multiply what you are editing by 10. (edit 1.875 to 10.875). This way you don't "break" the values. Here is a video sample for you :
  19. I installed the game today. Looks like values are floating. Quickly found hp value. What I'll try to do is find offset locations to other useful values. Then can try and do a union search or navigate to the next value without having to search. Mines of Mars is another game that uses similar values.
  20. I'm with you, server sided is possible... I've hacked plenty of server sided games with memory hacking. Patience and creativity pay off. With that sniper game, I think I can edit all weapon specs. Just learning value locations. All floating values for the weapons. Max, current and couple other values. Gotta plug phone in, but, hoping I can edit the specs before joining a match. If not, I might be able to very quickly during game play.
  21. I know some games the timing of memory hacking is key. This game being a prime example: You try to edit gold value during gameplay it WILL go back to correct value.
  22. I know single player isn't as fun to hack. But if their were currencies you wanted to hack, single player campaigns sometimes better method for it. I hope to find something for you.
  23. I can give it a try. Any single player campaign? And what would you like hacked? Currencies? Hp?
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