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  1. So you managed to hack the achievement just can't find and edit the gem reward? I was online during my video. Maybe increase the range for the 5 10 15 to something higher?
  2. You can hack the level required for the upgrades... But that can be annoying... Float union search the 3 score you need to beat for a race. Only get 3 results. Edit to 1 (float). Goto address of each value. The floating values below them are RP and Gold. Edit them to high value (float). Complete race, max out car lvl instantly. I'm uploading a video very shortly.
  3. Awesome! Glad you got it!
  4. Follow video exactly.... It does work. Might be doing a step incorrectly.
  5. More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makingfun.mageandminions Requirements: • ROOTED Device • Game Guardian Guide: The following guide is based on Mage and Minions version 1.1.29. Gems This method you will be editing your rewards paid for completing achievements. And too speed it up I also hack achievements. So I focused on damage achievement. You have 3 tiers 5 10 15 gems and each need 50000 500000 and 2500000 damage. Stay with dword union search of 50000;500000;2500000:2048 If union search fails, you can search each individual amount and edit to 0. Claim the 5 and 10 gems. Now clear search and dword union search 5;10;15:256 Then search 15. Change menu and change the 'scenery' and keep searching 15. Now goto filter and set it to 50. We do not want to edit too many. High risk of crash. Edit selected 16 and increments of 1 (so every value is unique). Goto rewards screen. Did it change from 15? If no, edit results back to 15 then delete select results. Now edit results again 16 increments of 1. Do this until the 15 changes. When it does, find that in the list of edited values. Uncheck and put all others back to 15. Now click and edit that value, edit to something very high like 2123456789. Check rewards, if it changed, claim reward and enjoy large amount of gems. Video Tutorial: Gems Credits for Hacking Guide to NoFear
  6. First get to a 3rd reward level. Do the damage one. 50000 is first value. Dword search that and edit to 0, claim reward. Dword second value (forget what it was) edit results to 0 claim reward. 3rd in 2500000 (I think). Edit results to 0. DON'T CLAIM REWARD YET. Dword union search 5;10;15 This is the gems rewarded for completing tasks. (goto character stats and then the achievements in to left). Now known value of 15. Edit results (increment edit +1) So every value is different. Goto reward screen see what it does for gems rewarded. Edit all values back to 15 except the one that matches the one that changed. Edit that one too large value like 2123456789. Now back of and go back to claim reward. Enjoy max gems! I'll create a video later...
  7. Interesting... Could it be something with ram management? Don't have any apps installed for ram optimization do you?
  8. On game Guardian settings, switch data in ram to Yes. Or pick an amount of ram.
  9. I can check... Have you tried editing rewards/payouts? Don't try editing balance directly, usually a better developer won't let that work.
  10. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    Memory hacking can be very useful. This is one of my favorite hacks I did. This is before I started using Game Guardian. Converted an inapp purchase to a general currency and made it free...
  11. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    I'll look into it. First time installing the game, probably same concept as building timer too.
  12. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    I know it's not gems. But this is almost as good. I'll try doing gems again. No point in hacking gems if you can prestige. I'll find a way. This hack is great though (I think)
  13. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    Lol. Yes, sorry, quickly uploaded video before the gym. So the meter for time remaining for building to claim reward is 0 to 1 floating. It's basically percent full. .5 being 50% etc... Once you have found that value nearby the address above is the upgrade price for that building. Edit floating to 0. Now you want to edit the upgrade qty from 1 10 100 to something crazy high. This is a dword value. Side note, when you find a building upgrade price. If you scroll ~3 pages (scroll up for next building down in list) you can edit next building without having to search all over again.
  14. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    If I can't do gems, would an insane cash hack work? Like, crazy amounts of cash instantly.
  15. Use what @Enyby posted http://www.tutorialspoint.com/compile_java_online.php change the range that is set from 0 to 30 to a different range. Something like this public class HelloWorld{ public static void main(String []args){ for (int i = 68000; i < 68001; i++) { long l = Double.doubleToLongBits((double)i); System.out.println(i + " = " + Long.toHexString(l) + " " + Float.intBitsToFloat((int)(l >> 32))); } } }
  16. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    Not negative values, sorry. Very very very small floating. I'm still messing with it. I know a modded apk exists, still nice to hack it with memory hacking though
  17. NoFear

    Tap Tycoon

    The dword values your are finding isn't the correct value. The value you are looking for is a negative value. Edit : after hacking gems, I can't prestige or buy cards. Close reopen game, gems go back to 0.... Might be another value monitoring earned gems and another monitoring spent... I'll have to mess with it more.
  18. How do you know this and figure this out? You are talented!
  19. Counting up from 1 1072693248 1073741824 1074266112 1074790400 1075052544 1075314688 1075576832 1075838976 1075970048 1076101120 1076232192 1076363264 1076494336 1076625408 1076887552 1076953088 1077018624 1077084160 1077149696 1077215232 1077280768 1077346304 Values 1 through 23. If something doesn't seem right, I could've mistyped...
  20. I'll try. Sorta difficult to obtain a value I want. Edit: Game is I Love Coffee. It is by Line.
  21. Please, need help with determining how values are converted. Here is a list of values in game and the Dword value of it: 10 1076101120 7458 1086136832 7468 1086139392 7478 1086141952 2978 1084703680 3056 1084743680 3234 1084834816 3254 1084845056 3289 1084862976 3299 1084868096 3309 1084873216 3334 1084886016 3354 1084896256 15492 1087259136 15570 1087269120 Hopefully @Enyby you can help me
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