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  1. I hacked the grenades, and also hacked the fire rate of weapons. Now you can change the fire rate of any weapons you want. You get 1 grenade by default, now 1 in encrypted form is 444445 in bullet force. Search this value ingame without encryption and data type as dword, search then throw a grenade. Go to unknown search and select changed. You'll get one result address. Change it to whatever you want and you have unlimited grenades. I'll post a video hacking fire rate of weapons later.
  2. I'll try what you said. And the famas isn't a shotgun lol. I changed some values in the memory and now it fires like a shotgun. I'll upload the video tomorrow. https://youtu.be/xHX0nyUMnGU Here is the video. And sorry about the lag. Had three apps eating memory. Enjoy
  3. Well, I couldn't figure out how to hack the credits, but I did figure out how to make the famas the most OP shotgun in the game lol.
  4. Hacking the grenades would be difficult since you get only 1 grenade with the new update.
  5. That's so awesome. Thank you! All i really want is to hack the credits to buy the overpriced weapons. If you can edit the xp we get after a match ends I think we can hack the credits.
  6. Editing it to 0 does nothing. The match keeps on going after I kill all the enemies and I get the same amount of xp after
  7. I just did now and got the value. Changed it to 9999 and the match ended, I got a little bit of XP nothing much more.
  8. Okay, so I was trying to hack the XP by killing an enemy and searching 20 and killing another then searching 40. To find the total xp given to me at the end of the match. But I can't seem to find the value. I tried dword first with encrypted, didn't find anything. Tried using auto as datatype still couldn't find it. What else can I do to find the value?
  9. The only reason I'm trying to hack the XP is because it is directly related with the credit which is used to buy weapons. I tried searching for credit but I think that each times i play a match and the game loads the credit's address changes and i don't get any results.
  10. The XP 130 isn't a fixed value. Depends on the amount of enemy in the map.
  11. I just realised i don't get a knife kill in single player mode. I tried the same thing your attached video did, couldn't find any value or maybe i did something wrong. Also, i did the group search you suggested and still I couldn't figure out anything. Here is the link to the game if you want to give it a try--https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blayzegames.iosfps Thank you for all the help!
  12. Xp is rewarded when you get the kill and added to the initial xp after the match ends. Knife kills and double kills gives a additonal 20 xp.
  13. Killing an enemy gives a +20 xp. How do i search this value? What will be the data type be?
  14. So, I'm trying to hack this game called bullet force. It has something called a rank, which is an unknown value and everytime i play a match +130Xp adds to it. Now, i have hacked the ammo count of this game and it was an encrypted value, so i assume the XP will be encrypted too. I tried the fuzzy search where i play a match and search 'has increased' but after some time the total amount of address gets stuck at 300. Is there any way i can search for the address correctly? I tried the N=O+D method, but as the value is encrypted i don't think O+130 will give me the address. Is there any way i can specify the Difference as encrypted in fuzzy search.
  15. I actually sent pixonic emails about how it was an accident, and they lifted the ban with a warning. Hacking again will result in a permaban.
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