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    Version 2.2.0


    Note: Read everything before you ask !! (Do not move my script out from this forum without my permission.) Asking technique: Elaborate your situation clearly. 1. Did you follow the bypass instruction? 2. Did you root your device? 3. Which hack you used? 4. You using it in game or match? 5. When does it not working? 6. Is it not working all the time? 7. Did you try the script before asking? Protection bypass (New Version No Detection) Now you can no longer use older version of Archero. In order to run script in newest version, devices require to root!! - Download memu https://www.memuplay.com/ - Download Nox 6 https://en.bignox.com/ - Download virtual xposed VirtualXposed (#1hw64j76) - Use game guardian 81.0 or above. - Watch the tutorial to bypass any detection from games. Avoid detection - root from virtual space - VirtualXposed, GameGuardian (#29vpqmdx) - Hide game guardian from game. Tick 2nd and 3rd options. Features of the script: 1.Gold hack 2.Energy and level hack 3.Obsidian chest hack 4.Stats hack (Health, Attack speed, Damage) 5.Items hack 6.Infinite revive with 1 gem No root guide (NEW): 1. Download virtual space. (eg. Parallel Space, Virtual Xposed etc.) 2. Download Game Guardian in no root mode (x64 for phone). 3. Add Game Guardian and Archero into Parallel Space as example. 4. Tick 2nd, 3rd and 4th options in hide gg from game guardian. 5. Enjoy the hack. Videos Online script usage and game guardian settings. Q & A Here are some common question that I randomly pick. About bypass the protection (Any problem you can't find here are probably in instructions above, read before ask!) About hack
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    Starting from version 8.28.0 GG have support of LUA scripts. It can be loaded and run. https://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/manual.html Scripting Documentation: https://gameguardian.net/help/
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    Version 3.0


    The mods still work as of November 28 2019 Features: NoRecoil One hit (Vulcron patched it) NoSpread Reduced respawn time Inf ammo Magic Bullets NEW Rapid Fire (Use the MP5K and stay in one spot)
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    Version 3.2.0


    Features ESP Perfect Aim (BanRisk) Max Ammo/No Reload Light AimAssist Heavy AimAssist (buggy) Wallclimb Flyhack HighScope ChamsMenu FOV Changer Fevirre's FR/WS editor. Manual Sidespeed Manual AimAssist Note Updated for v9.0.0 100% Anti-ban Contact me by mail : azpunk@yahoo.com Join my channel on telegram for latest updates and tutorials : https://t.me/gobpZ https://t.me/gobpzforum I do not own any youtube channel.
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    Mod Menu for Hopeless Land HLMOD.apk
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    The topic for various examples of Lua scripts
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    Game guardian has been detected by Iruna Online, so I can't using GG in this game. Pls help me fix this.
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    Version 1.0.0


    If the Loader shows you that an error accured or if it's offline then wait a day or so, I'm working on it No need to Update this script. It runs from a server Thx to @TopGEOYT for encrypting my Script Featured Maps More coming soon
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    Use API help. https://gameguardian.net/help/
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    I had fixed that last afternoon. Restart and try again.
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    My Channel youtube www.youtube.com/c/ModeghaithHD My Telegram https://t.me/modeghaithHD Download Files https://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/603-how-to-run-unluacjar-for-arm-device-neoterm/# Download Gameguardian https://gameguardian.net/download Download Neoterm https://github.com/NeoTerm/NeoTerm/releases Do not forget the subscrip and like arm arm7v Neoterm termux Java install java on android Neoterm fix java install Neoterm
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    Appears to be running smooth, but I can't seem to get the Google Play/Games functionality to work, which is needed to restore savegame. When I try to sign in via the Speed menu (with speed toggled off) I get the endless checking info screen, it also gives errors about unable to work due to Google Play Services updating. Any idea on how to correct this? Thanks!
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: History usage - GameGuardian
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    Version 1.0.0


    Simple scan for possible pointers to specified value. You can specify maximal possible offset. In decimal or hex. Video: Pointer scan - lua script - GameGuardian

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