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    Rounding issue. -50384417 dword is -1,06003776390176e37 float. It is too long for display in GG UI, so it is rounded to -1,0600378e37 which is equals to -50384416 dword. So it is not found. Strictly speaking -50384416 dword is -1,06003782728429e37 In any case try search float by equality is not a good solution. Use range, as describe by NoFear. [added 3 minutes later] Nothing clear. Describe your problem in detail. The release of Android 10 has not yet been.
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    Try searching this... -1.06003785E37~-1.06003775E37 Might be a rounding issue
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    If the item becomes "canned zombie meat". It might be an item not unlocked by you yet. If you do many items before you can get refuge, this is how they all appear. Edit: Confirmed, will add to list on original post. other71 - standard mecha parts other72 - rare mecha parts other73 - advanced mecha parts
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    Version 2.2.0


    Note: Read everything before you ask !! (Do not move my script out from this forum without my permission.) Asking technique: Elaborate your situation clearly. 1. Did you follow the bypass instruction? 2. Did you root your device? 3. Which hack you used? 4. You using it in game or match? 5. When does it not working? 6. Is it not working all the time? 7. Did you try the script before asking? Protection bypass (New Version No Detection) Now you can no longer use older version of Archero. In order to run script in newest version, devices require to root!! - Download memu https://www.memuplay.com/ - Download Nox 6 https://en.bignox.com/ - Download virtual xposed VirtualXposed (#1hw64j76) - Use game guardian 81.0 or above. - Watch the tutorial to bypass any detection from games. Avoid detection - root from virtual space - VirtualXposed, GameGuardian (#29vpqmdx) - Hide game guardian from game. Tick 2nd and 3rd options. Features of the script: 1.Gold hack 2.Energy and level hack 3.Obsidian chest hack 4.Stats hack (Health, Attack speed, Damage) 5.Items hack 6.Infinite revive with 1 gem No root guide (NEW): 1. Download virtual space. (eg. Parallel Space, Virtual Xposed etc.) 2. Download Game Guardian in no root mode (x64 for phone). 3. Add Game Guardian and Archero into Parallel Space as example. 4. Tick 2nd, 3rd and 4th options in hide gg from game guardian. 5. Enjoy the hack. Videos Online script usage and game guardian settings. Q & A Here are some common question that I randomly pick. About bypass the protection (Any problem you can't find here are probably in instructions above, read before ask!) About hack
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    Game guardian has been detected by Iruna Online, so I can't using GG in this game. Pls help me fix this.
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    I update rules with 16 item. This question was not very acute until recently. [added 0 minutes later] https://gameguardian.net/forum/guidelines/
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    Did you select game process? Always select game process before execute the script.
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    Local is faster than global and works only on this function
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    after i login with my username and password, nothing happen. It just say that script end/done and if i execute the script after that it still ask for me to login again. Menu with Register,Login,Help
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    View File GO Multiple Requires Android: Android 4.0 (IceCreamSandwich) or later. There is support for x86. For Android 4.2 or below use v2.60.0: GO Multiple (#2m858sgb) Video: Work without root via GO Multiple - GameGuardian (#53pockzu) Before installing the optimized version, uninstall the version from Google Play. Differences of the optimized version: no error 105. Submitter Enyby Submitted 04/15/2018 Category Virtual spaces (no root)  
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    Ok, I did some extensive hacking on this game as well, I endured if it was hard for people who are playing this game I found a hack for Gold only Uncut Dices I'm still working on it as Uncut Dices are either encrypted or hidden addresses, meanwhile IAP Exploits or Hacks (Freedom and Lucky Patcher) doesn't work for this game, I'm getting off topic but to hack the gold we don't hack it directly we're gonna hack it on offset by using the game store, just typically if feathers cost 500 gold, your gonna have to search 500 on dword, it's gonna have like 50 - 140+ addresses but don't worry most of the region this addresses have are CA but we're looking for an address that is assign on A region, so what you want to do is to modify all of the addresses you found and put an increment by 1 or 2 doesn't really matter as long all the addresses are intact, word of note if there is 300+ addresses you have search I recommend to modify small groups of addresses or else the game will bug out or crash, now you want to exit the game shop and come back right in and the value or price of the item should increase, go back to GG and search the value of the modified price, there will be 2 of them one for the CA and one for the A DO NOT CHANGE THE CA AS IT WILL BUG THE GAME, change the address that is assign to A and make it -999999 note only make small negative amounts increasing to negative 9 million will put your currency in semantic mode (meaning it will bug out and will make current money -9999999) once you done this correctly you should have a lot of gold on the game. Now for uncut dices i'm still working on it I can't seem to figure out if the data type im using is wrong or is the value hidden or encrypted. If anyone can help me with the uncut dices it'll be appreciated.
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