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    I don't need to open in PS, I'm rooted. And yes, I managed to hack it too.
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    I mean do u find a way how to open it in PS any hacks something
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    @CrazyInferno how do you expect any help if you don't explain where you're stucked, what you've tried ?
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    The items dropping is divided into groups. Some groups just have only 1 item but the others have several. We can caculate exactly the range of Unrnd to get which group will drop for each object (it depends on luck index). But i still cant find out how to get exactly the item i want in the group that has several items. The onlything we can do now to get the item we want is finding out the range Unrnd of the group then changing the Unrnd a minor (1,2,.. step). Once more time: it depends on your luck index and dropping groups are different on each objects (box, normal, rare, golden monster...). Everything can find in *.csv and scripts in apk file.
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    Well it's an old but fun game I used to play. It's still a good fps. But this game is a Tier S P2W game. Without spending money you can't get almost anything. Which is why I (decided) hacked it. But I need some help. Everything in this game is in encrypted dword (region Ca). You can hack gadgets amount, money,gold etc(pic). But still you have to pay to get the op event weapons and bundles. Also I couldn't hack health and ammo. So I was wondering if anyone could help me with these hacks, 1. Hacking bundles/event weapons by changing buyable weapon's ID (in shop) to event weapon's ID (normally only obtainable through events or paying) if possible. 2. Hacking health and ammo. IDK if these values change every match. 3. Hacking the agility/health/accuracy stats gained from clothes. 4. Hacking event points and medal points. Well any help would be appreciated but fyi no.1 is a advanced one and as far as I know very few people can do it . Here's the link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dle.respawnables TIA.
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    Gem is not really need except for recasting (until someone find out how to reduce cost to 0). News: * Upgrade factor is double 0.18. You can change it to get very high attribute equipments (but you will get very high equipment score on ranking list when you equip it). * Physical def factor is double 0.75. Change it to 0.99 to get almost 0 damage (with a high def equipment). The onlything remain is magical damage which reduces to 0 when you reach 100% resistance). * Cosplay coin is just for rare cosplay equipment. You can find Fellowship Certificate for golden cosplay equipment in Dark lab high floors. * The item need to go to Dark lab (which cost 600 gems in shop) can find in 2 boxes on boss floor of stage 10. I get it by 100% chance with luck 98 and Unrnd from 1to below about 6000000. You must test some Unrnd with your luck.
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    Tnx bro!! Keep it up!!
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