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  1. Drop quantity 20200717_213741.mp4
  2. U can buy in shop. The first shop seems always sell it. U buy some item and it will refresh that item's slot with something new. The first shop sells magic books, potions, foods... With some patients u will find 2 needed potions for ur hacking Another char
  3. But this way needs a lot of mana moute -> need to hack item quantity -> why don't we hack stat potion? With 70+ strength a stone dagger can do over 1mil damage
  4. Here. More details: - chose item and click drop - change drop value to find it as Qword - edit value to negative then drop it - don't pick up the dropped item, it contains negative value. U can burn some evidences to ash by fire spell or throwing a torch at them [added 1 minute later] Eating some stat potions
  5. But now we can change the drop value so I think the Unrand method is no need anymore
  6. Try to start a new game with Unrand on
  7. Just found this: search in Qword the drop value and change to high negative then drop it. Don't pick up the dropped item or ur item returns to old value
  8. Plus: the Unrand value is not work. It just fixes the outcomes. What u will get each time u restart the game depends on ur LUCK i got strength potion 1 time and made the str over 100 but this char died when I have no revive option now I have a char with over 1500hp (stamina 97) and a dagger +43 (damage 75~600)
  9. The Unrand: - u and monster always miss - the mines, bushes (1), trees, broken machines... always drop maximum items - monster (2) always drop maximum item - there's something (3) (weapons, books, potions, minerals...) on the map when u open a NEW map (1)(2)(3) items change every time u restart the game If game stuck when loading new map with Unrand on just turn off Unrand There's a trick to get items drop from monsters: turn off Unrand, atk, turn on unrand right before monsters die and drop items. This way also helps u fight with strong monsters without losing HP (remember to use auto pause game :)) I have looked the code with IDA but still have no clue to start modding p/s: we can't change values now. It has a really good anti cheat system. A very good game.
  10. The only method working now is Unrandomizer. But the result changes every time u restarting the game. Hope some experts will read ur request.
  11. Almost values can hacked. Resource, stamina, item, skill, S rank recruit, structure, coin, gem.... Ps: we can hack gem by editting the gem reward in quest.
  12. I dont know its right or wrong to post it in lua script topic but i still can hack gold and gem in lastest version 1.4.16 Just group search reward of quest.
  13. Hohoho, they blocked my account. Maybe because of my high attribute equipment.
  14. The items dropping is divided into groups. Some groups just have only 1 item but the others have several. We can caculate exactly the range of Unrnd to get which group will drop for each object (it depends on luck index). But i still cant find out how to get exactly the item i want in the group that has several items. The onlything we can do now to get the item we want is finding out the range Unrnd of the group then changing the Unrnd a minor (1,2,.. step). Once more time: it depends on your luck index and dropping groups are different on each objects (box, normal, rare, golden monster...). Everything can find in *.csv and scripts in apk file.
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