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  1. Modded Virtual apps only use for hiding game guardian (Root). The reason you can not sign in with Modded apk (Virtual Apps) because different signature from original.
  2. JinXprO

    Not working

    It means server side buddy ..
  3. GG Crash logcat.txt crash.txt
  4. JinXprO

    GG Detected

    If your android rooted .. you can use virtual app to hide GG .. theres alot of virtual apps in this forum
  5. All currencies fully server side .. you can use modded apk with auto win instead
  6. How ? By modding the apk file ? Need Tutorial buddy
  7. Nvm i already figured it out ..
  8. Well you guys can help me with this game ? I tried to hack the currencies but still no luck Here's The Link https://m.apkpure.com/unlucky-postman/com.skytecgames.horrorhouse
    Finally script ready to use
  9. JinXprO


    Nice .. thank you for sharing this .. i hope you update the script with stars hack soon ..
  10. I have rooted android .. is this okay using latest version of the game ?
  11. I did .. this game (Fury Survivor) force close when you open GameGuardian .. No matter you hide try using "hide game guardian" in option menu or using virtual app to hide game guardian
  12. I tried this app to hide Game Guardian but still detected by the game (Fury Survivor : Pixel Z) any idea ?
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