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  1. dude .. hacking is fun but not with the currencies .. maybe you can do hacking only for unlocked cars or somethings .. the main way devs get money is from offering in apps purchase (currecies) thats the reason why so many devs discontinued their own games. thanks in advance
  2. you cannot, there is no options in settings.
  3. you are not specific the problem, what game/virtual apps/any related you asking for.
  4. i prefer the first one .. same like coc ..
  5. so sad @ItsSC terminated his own script for this game, few taps and done instead using manual method by @NoFear mind if you re-share the script @ItsSC ?
  6. "bypass mode for ptrace protection" set to "freeze" yes you have to root your android, this game not work in virtual apps
  7. i tried your script .. but it says something was wrong ..
  8. JinXprO


    you can use thick "add value" after you input the value but most games the value become minus if you input too much values
  9. you CAN NOT log in using google play in Moded Virtual Apps, why ? because different signature inside the moded apk and security reason from google. solution ? you need to root your device + patch your android system and make unsign version of virtual apps.
  10. if it's so dangerous for you, don't use it
  11. Modded Virtual apps only use for hiding game guardian (Root). The reason you can not sign in with Modded apk (Virtual Apps) because different signature from original.
  12. JinXprO

    Not working

    It means server side buddy ..
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