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Follow All The Steps I Instructed !


You Girls And Guys Will Be Able To Continue Using Game Guardian !


Thanks For Spending Your Time And Read My Post .







Download  And  Install



F1 VM 



X8/F1 Launcher 







Download The Lastest Version Of Game Guardian But Don't Install It In Your Phone !







Open         X8/F1 Launcher



Choose     Repair 



Then Do Exactly What You See In The Instructions Section Of The App .




🍁 NEXT :



Choose     Start  F1VM 



Then         Add Apps



Find  APKs  Then  ADD  Game Guardian Apk


Click  Open  Then  Choose 



Default  --> No --> Install -> Ok --> Ok --> No








Use Game Guardian As You Want




 💯  !!!  REMEMBER  !!!  💯    :



Open X8/F1 Launcher And Follow The Instructions After Each Time You Want To Reuse Game Guardian !




🎉 Best Wishes For All Of You.


Family Love GIF by iQiyi

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Followed your instructions, GG works fine inside F1 VM, however, my 64 bit game says it won’t run on this device. Outside of F1 VM, the game runs fine. I’m on Android 12 and hardware is Lenovo tablet P11 plus. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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