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Bring GameGuardian to iOS platform




 I want to start a project to implement a cheat tool on the ios platform, similar to GameGuardian on Android, this must be a very complicated and long thing.

And some simple memory search tools already exist on the ios platform, such as iGameGuardian, of course, their tools are also very simple and do not have Lua programming functions.

So I wonder if we can port GameGuardian's memory search module and Lua programming interface to the ios platform first, so that we can avoid spending a lot of time building complex UI.

Since GameGuardian's lua programming interface has been widely used on the Android platform, it will be of great significance to bring it to the ios platform, and this solution can be completed quickly in a short time.

So, can GameGuardian officials provide some source code to help accelerate this goal.




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On 2/16/2022 at 10:25 AM, Enyby said:

Engine work on C. You not get engine sources.

Also you not need make it on full time basis in few days, so you can code on your weekend, or someday evenings in years. So you can do entire project from scratch without loose your job.


Aslo exists some other projects, which you can use (if their license allowed such) as base for make own search engine.

Scanmem, for example: https://github.com/scanmem/scanmem


Good luck with your project.



Since Android's GG and ios' iGG are written by the same author, it would be of great significance to ask him to bring GG's lua programming interface to the ios platform, because GG's lua programming interface is very popular now. @Enyby

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E-mail: [email protected]
To report issue, please provide:

WiFi MAC address

Error screenshots

iOS device name

iOS version

PayPal transaction ID

Also look like he make IMemEditor as next generation for iGG:



For iOS 11+, please use "iMemEditor", that runs faster with recent JBs.
For iOS 10 and below, please use "iGG 12 Stable", that is compatible with most JBs.



iME/iGG is a memory editor.


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