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Does the height of the landscape interface suit you?


Does the height of the landscape interface suit you?  

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  1. 1. Does the height of the landscape interface suit you?

    • No, there is not enough room height for search results. I would like to see more.
    • Yes, it does.


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Delete buttons wiil be too small for touch.

added 1 minute later

I plan move tabs and toolbar to left or right.

Like rotate portrait layout.

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1 hour ago, Enyby said:

Something like that:


What do you think @NoFear ?

That's an interesting method...

I like keeping my icons, this would be a good method it seems.

Maybe if users choose "small list", you lose certain features like the individual delete buttons. I rarely to never use them. I typically check off a few and use the delete icon at the top instead.

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On 9/3/2019 at 3:56 PM, g1doz said:

Put it as a secondary option, not a basic

and please enyby and guys help me about this post

How do I save value in a file and then call this value to process it? (#ar5tldto)


How to? You format the values, you store them in a file and you call LUA to load those values.

In fact, GG has a function for this already; see gg.saveVariable.  One time I found a problem by using this function, so that's why I never rely on it anymore.  Instead, I make my own function called serialize.  It basically is similar to gg.saveVariable, except that serialize formats the values not too elegant, straight to the point and tends to generate small output in size.

I've been using it and have no issues and errors.  You might want to use:

string.format("%q", valueContainsSpecialCharacters);

if your values contain special characters like double quote (") or something similar.  You can find the script here!

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