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  1. p4T

    SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    Ok thank you!! @zetagrim Oh!! Last cuestión... can i unlock the green task with X;65540 ::5?? May the .::5 change to 7 or 8?? @NoFear @BigBadGunner
  2. p4T

    SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    Edith: is not category.
  3. p4T

    SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    @zetagrim Yeah! I have the buildings that come too!!! but I can not relate them..... What is 65540??? Or the others Are they related to the categories? (ex: landmarks, parks, education etc ??)
  4. p4T

    SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    I read the whole post. the 4 pages. The only thing I could not understand is this. (The cuote) @zetagrim Thanx for your response!
  5. p4T

    SimCity All Buildings Unlocked

    Someone tried this without being banned?
  6. p4T

    Green task simcity

    Thanx! @zetagrim This is for "legal" citys??? Where can I find the first?
  7. There is a way to have this? To unlock?
  8. p4T

    SimCity Buildit war cards

    We have the same problem! Now, after 1 day we get one.
  9. p4T

    Simcity Energy Hack

    Are you having problems to fit into battle?
  10. Are you habing issues to match in Battle??
  11. Just for gods. Not for the mortals. @bobonut you need have 10 almost
  12. The game Crash wen i change the code. Edit. Work Fine!!! This metod is the best!!!