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  1. Ok thank you!! @zetagrim Oh!! Last cuestión... can i unlock the green task with X;65540 ::5?? May the .::5 change to 7 or 8?? @NoFear @BigBadGunner
  2. @zetagrim Yeah! I have the buildings that come too!!! but I can not relate them..... What is 65540??? Or the others Are they related to the categories? (ex: landmarks, parks, education etc ??)
  3. I read the whole post. the 4 pages. The only thing I could not understand is this. (The cuote) @zetagrim Thanx for your response!
  4. Thanx! @zetagrim This is for "legal" citys??? Where can I find the first?
  5. There is a way to have this? To unlock?
  6. We have the same problem! Now, after 1 day we get one.
  7. Are you having problems to fit into battle?
  8. Just for gods. Not for the mortals. @bobonut you need have 10 almost
  9. The game Crash wen i change the code. Edit. Work Fine!!! This metod is the best!!!
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