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LUA scripting


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I'm stuck on this.

gg.searchNumber('1;2;3;4::13', gg.TYPE_DWORD)
	gg.getResultCount() == 0 
	gg.toast('Search not found')
	p = gg.getResults(1)
	p[1].address = p[1].address + 0x653E5C= gg.getValues(p)
	p[1].address = p[1].value + 0x2CF21


How come I get 0xffffffff9257C800 instead of just 0x9257C800 ?

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When I add the list items, 0xffffffff9257C800 is the address and not 0x9257C800 and those 2 addresses don't have the same value so the code gets messed up. Any solutions?

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This may be a stupid question as I'm not really familiar with half of this stuff, but when you've completed a search and do:

a = gg.getResults(1)

Should it print the same address that you see remaining in the results list in the UI, or does it use some other number?  Thanks in advance, and again, sorry if this is incredibly obvious!


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26 minutes ago, Enyby said:

It is decimal number. In GG it show as hex.

Ah thank you! I just realized that after thinking to check it in a converter -_- 

So does that mean I can simply create a new item in the table and do

a[2].address = a[1].address - 4
a[2].value = 0

To go from the original address from the search results(example: 343739CC) to 343739C8 and change that value to 0, or do I need to somehow convert the hexadecimal address or use gg.setValues () or something?

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