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  1. i do not understand.. what should i substract?
  2. how do i use calc offset via script? my value need calc offset to be found if manual (non script)
  3. Then its ur fault, too easy to get decrypted by@bukandewa
  4. Thanks, but idk which is the correct page, ill find it later
  5. How to change freeze interval in script? is it possible?
  6. I'm using Virtual Xposed to get unbanned (device) for example i add 1 game apk in VX and then i got ban, then i add more 1 game apk and play on the newest game apk and i get unbanned.
  7. Cornysz

    Mobile Legends

    I think if you successfully changed the battle points and tickets in ml its only visual, you can't buy heroes or etc with that.
  8. Is it possible to change value in saved list? what function should i use?
  9. wik = gg.getResults(10) for i, v in ipairs(wik) do wik.value = '1' wik.freeze = false wik.freezeType = gg.FREEZE_NORMAL end gg.addListItems(wik) I want to edit all to 1 but in this script, it only save to the saved list not change the value to 1 How to fix this? thanks in advance
  10. you should define function wh() acid() etc first.
  11. I got an error while running game guardian in paralel space. How to fix this?
  12. Can't use os.execute('mkdir blabla') smthng?
  13. Is it possible to make directory/folder via script? If yes, what should i call
  14. Is it possible to hide the value while gg searching on that value? So if someone use my script and then my script search for somthing value, and if someone click the GG button while the gg searching smthg value it will alert error or smthg. So they don't know the value what my code searching for. Photo 1 : This photo is when i clicked the gg button while gg searching 1A;3A
  15. Can you give me an example? I already tried but still error :/
  16. Thanks for helping me, but when i input 5 alert me error.
  17. for exmpl my prompt has 100 maximum and 1 minimum so when i input the prompt 101 it will send an error, and if i input the prompt 0 it will send an error too. How to make like this? i already tried many times but always got error. thanks
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