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  1. LUA scripting

    Xiaomi path name: / storage / emulated / legacy / Android / obb Most low-level datas are stored in /sdcard/Android/data/*. But MOST of the data is stored in /data/data/*. Obb is always stored in /sdcard/Android/obb/*. That happens on most phones. I'll bet 97% of them are the same. /sdcard is INTERCHANGEABLE with /storage/emulated/legacy or /storage/emulated/0. It's not that device-specific.... Apps don't store data in external storage. Maybe a few, very few. And games won't be stored in external storage. This is not the case with phone using Adoptable Storage, in which I'm totally certain you won't use it. Checking for app data or obb won't do any good. It's useless. Why do you have to look for an app data? Different versions of an app have THE SAME data and obb label. -------- Hope that helps.
  2. LUA scripting

    Nonsense. Obbs NEVER had versions.... What you need is APP version. Try ask others.
  3. LUA scripting

    Thank you.
  4. LUA scripting

    Any ideas? @Enyby
  5. LUA scripting

    How to use the second parameter? And one more thing. If the cheat only works with versioncode 291, how to make the script only works with that ver. Code?
  6. Improving VIP content

    @d2dyno Thank you. At least you can try your best to add more payment methods.
  7. Improving VIP content

    I see your point. But, a forum is for everyone even when there are premiums or VIPs. This is a place for a community, not only people who pay. VIPs can get so many privileges, but not this one. And can you tell me just a single, sizeable community forum that applies this?
  8. LUA scripting

    @Enyby Do you have any plans to include value freeze for scripts? Or there already is but It's just me who don't know?
  9. LUA scripting

    How to use gg.skipRestoreState? And maybe an example of using gg.getLocale @Enyby Thank you
  10. GameGuardian

    In case some people said that August 2017 patch breaks GG, here am I with my phone :
  11. Improving VIP content

    For SE Asia, Codapay is a decent option. But for other areas, MOL zGold and/or Rixty is necessary. @Enyby A survey about other countries' payment methods would be a good thing to do. @d2dyno I'm very happy if you would consider this. Thank you.
  12. Improving VIP content

    And Rixty which is the North American equivalent of MOL zGold.
  13. Improving VIP content

    @Enyby Try to utilise Codapay/Bluepay/UniPin/MOL zGold. Just like in Crisis Action SEA that got banned from GPlay because of using other payment methods.
  14. Improving VIP content

    It is already available. I'd rather opt for a special badge, which is already available as special username colours. Putting posts on top of others seems very unfair. ------------- The problem for now is that some VIP specials aren't that useful anymore. Such as app mods. I am willing to pay a Lifetime VIP+ if GG has a DONATION app in Google Play. My only way of purchasing things online is only by billing my carrier. I'm 14 and can't have a credit card.
  15. SuperCheat for Crisis Action

    Hmm. Good script. 😂😂😂😂. Nice job. *hehe