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  1. Much like diamond hacks, weapon hacks are not connected nor synchronised to the server. Server-sided games like CA checks things like this so hacks like this won't work at all.
  2. This week's patch pretty much changed everything. Hack detected toasts are removed. There are no need for using anti detection anymore. Process name = com.herogames.gplay.crisisaction or com.herogames.gplay.crisisactionsa Version = Anything starting than 291. And less than 341. As long as you're running v2.0 of the app you're good to go. But yes, Time Jump is going to be removed.
  3. Maybe the fault is in the code. Try to change the edit value to 90.
    Awesome! Good job! --- Mantap2. Takis bang! *Sorry for posting in incorrect language.... But I think I should just keep the translation here
  4. Aufar_R

    LUA scripting

    Actually I've read that page quite a few times. I already made one. So, yeah... Just telling that it's quite confusing, especially the fact that I came from coding Unix....
  5. Aufar_R

    LUA scripting

    Hmm, it seems that making new functions in a lua script is pretty confusing??. I messed things up and somehow it became good... Btw, thank you.
  6. Aufar_R

    LUA scripting

    if debug == 0 then edit (on) else edit (off) end Why even when debug == 1 it always returns edit (on)?
  7. Aufar_R

    LUA scripting

    Any examples on how to use require in scripts?
  8. Nope. Each game session only requires one time process. You must reactivate the exploit/trick each time the game is closed.
  9. Basically, this is the process of using the anti hack detection exploit : 1. Trigger "Hack Detected" toast by using hacks or bugs. (In my video, I use Trench map bug). 2. When the toast is triggered, go to homescreen quickly. 3. Time jump with input at least 5 minutes. (5:0 or 300) 4. Go back to the game. 5. Enjoy. Having 'game dead' problems? Your RAM might be not enough or your phone isn't in prime condition.
  10. Aufar_R


    Zenfone 2 uses Intel processor which isn't compatible with speedhack. Speedhack only works with ARM devices. _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later @Enyby I want to report a bug. First, I'm sorry because I can't share any screenshots. Taking screenshots and screen recordings always fail somehow. So this is what I do to reproduce the bug : 1. Search a number 2. Then I edit them all (around 1500 items) 3. Clear results 4. Search the edited value 5. Trying to revert them, but GG shows "Revert the selected items (88)?" 6. But the UI shows all 1500 items. 7. Tried pressing select all but no luck. Note = filter was 2800 Any ideas would be welcome. I'll try again to get screenshots next time. Thank you.
  11. Try to use normal hitbox 1hit code.
  12. Aufar_R

    LUA scripting

    Obbs do not update after install. Any update AFTER app installation goes to '/data/app/*' and '/data/data/*'. Once again, we don't need to do ANYTHING with obb. If you still insist, then do it for yourself. I'm certain that messing up with obbs won't do anything. If you don't install via Play Store. CA only updates its app when a big change comes. I've used the MOL apk since ver. 1.9.2 and must reinstall the app when 2.0 comes in. But i didn't have to reinstall the app when 2.0.1 comes in.
  13. Aufar_R

    LUA scripting

    Xiaomi path name: / storage / emulated / legacy / Android / obb Most low-level datas are stored in /sdcard/Android/data/*. But MOST of the data is stored in /data/data/*. Obb is always stored in /sdcard/Android/obb/*. That happens on most phones. I'll bet 97% of them are the same. /sdcard is INTERCHANGEABLE with /storage/emulated/legacy or /storage/emulated/0. It's not that device-specific.... Apps don't store data in external storage. Maybe a few, very few. And games won't be stored in external storage. This is not the case with phone using Adoptable Storage, in which I'm totally certain you won't use it. Checking for app data or obb won't do any good. It's useless. Why do you have to look for an app data? Different versions of an app have THE SAME data and obb label. -------- Hope that helps.
  14. Aufar_R

    LUA scripting

    Nonsense. Obbs NEVER had versions.... What you need is APP version. Try ask others.
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