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  1. B2B_PXstore.mp4 im guess thats all for now..gonna take some rest. been busy this whole week making the script.
  2. nope he didnt told me to look for the heroes gold value.. i asked for help and he gave me almost as same as this.. showed me some videos like my videos here...but the rest of it..im figured it all myself. Thanks to him..im guess.
  3. find a value that associate with the hero do increment to pinpoint the right one once you find it then goto go up or down you may find the rest of it. you not new here im guess you will able to figure it out. and im not ItsSC.
  4. nope you cant find that script anywhere..made it myself from scratch.
  5. mine use parallel space so the price didnt showed up...dont know why but.. B2B_PaidHeroes.mp4
  6. ok..im rename it back to original and its working now. sorry for the trouble.
  7. Fakk...its my browser fault...UC browser actually. before download.. after done download.. you can see it change the file name...
  8. fortunately there is a way to unlock them...even heroes that come with real money.. 20201207_103546_edited.mp4 for FREE..with no extra cost.
  9. how to open this script? i got '⚠ File rename detected ⚠' error. but i didnt change anything at all. try diffrent browser and redownload it but still got that error.
  10. ..me too still learning but me modified again so that we can change memory ranges too. this time now use slider/seek bar instead of checkbox.
  11. memory range = Anonymous type = Dword - search the weapon attack value then use increment to pinpoint the right one. - same for armor.
  12. okay..my mistake..didnt read your first post carefully and miss the word DROP RATE.. im only see GUNSMITH. simple solution just work fine for me...since i got all of them now. plus all items in Store for free.
  13. ...and me modified it so that we can change the value type.
  14. it did worked....what do you want actually?
  15. for some weapon the values edited did stay for all floors but some reset back to its original values. cant figure to as why it happen in that way.
  16. Weapon Stats... 1st value ; 3rd value ::5 = Damage ; Critical Chance ::5 4th value ; 2nd value ::5 = InAccuracy ; Energy Cost ::5 - use increment to pinpoint the correct one.
  17. created sometime ago...i couldnt believe its still work for the latest version of the game(with just minor adjustment...of course) soulKnight.mp4
  18. your script are one step better than mine...kudos to you.
  19. gg.searchNumber("98784247822", 32 ) gg.refineAddress("F8C") local r = gg.getResults(1) local t = {} t[1] = {} t[1].address = r[1].address + 0 t[1].flags = 4 t[1].value = 9 gg.setValues(t) t = nil gg.clearResults() gg.toast("Done") end
  20. add gg.refineAddress("F8C") after search. gg.searchNumber("98784247823", 32 ) gg.refineAddress("F8C") local t = gg.getResults(1) gg.setValues({{ address = t[1].address, flags = 4, value = 9 }}) see if this work for you.
  21. all you need is this...and you can finish the whole worlds in just one hour or less. MrAutoFire.mp4
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