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    Last day on earth

    im believe the video is something like this.. LDOE_PickUp.mp4
  2. oooo...its a clean sweep. GOO_Zeus.mp4
  3. hack the coins which is super duper easy then buy godmode and unlimited ammo...you are pretty much done with the game if everything else to be ignore.
  4. you think..? he think... im thinking.. so which one? wild guess sometime not that fun.
  5. im never done Aimlock hack because shooting was my least favourite type of game.. but you can try to search in this forum for general idea of how to do Aimlock hack. they are here somewhere. Good luck.
  6. you should write it properly.. actions = gg.choice({ 'Speed Menu', 'Value Editor', 'Aimlock', 'Exit'},nil,'Main Menu')
  7. any instructions of how to use this script?? any specific requirement needed? seem it didnt work for me. script run well but nothing was changed.
  8. present your work here in this forum.. only then you will get many help from others too...not just me. receiving inputs from alot of other people will widen and improve your knowledges more than a single input from one person. you will get many ideas or ways to approach just about anything.
  9. hmm..seem legit to me like how you write it before in the first post..maybe the codes are wrong somehow.. had you double or triple check it..or its just the toast message didnt appear but everything else work just fine.. i dont know man...its yours.
  10. same method as above only this time made it into a script.. MM_CoinGem3.mp4
  11. another way.. MM_CoinGem2.mp4
  12. orait...here we go. MM_CoinGem.mp4
  13. did you clearResults after the first one...i dont see any. or the second one actually search from results you got from the first one?
  14. cant find that coins value again..everytime when i thought i got it... its turn out to be something else. the first time i try it..i was looking in Dword and its encrypted. region Ca or Anonymous...cant remember that. search and refine until results are manageable...not too many. then goto and edit. i think it was a luck on my side and im happen to choose the right address to edit from that few results remain.
  15. manage to get 1 million coins so far...
  16. nope he didnt help me to find what i want... he just help me to think the other way so i can find what i want by myself.
  17. helping or not.. at least his way got my thinking working a bit more.. ..not like a baby just waiting to be feed by spoon everytime. well its just me. not concern everybody else here.
  18. B2B_PXstore.mp4 im guess thats all for now..gonna take some rest. been busy this whole week making the script.
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