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    Watch on YouTube: 86.3: Fixed work on Android 10 - GameGuardian
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    for i=1, 100 do a = { { address = t1[1].address + offset , flags = 4 --dword }, { address = t1[1].address + offset2 , flags = 4 --dword }, --repeat this until you insert everything you want } end
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    Version 2.2.0


    Note: Read everything before you ask !! (Do not move my script out from this forum without my permission.) Asking technique: Elaborate your situation clearly. 1. Did you follow the bypass instruction? 2. Did you root your device? 3. Which hack you used? 4. You using it in game or match? 5. When does it not working? 6. Is it not working all the time? 7. Did you try the script before asking? Protection bypass (New Version No Detection) Now you can no longer use older version of Archero. In order to run script in newest version, devices require to root!! - Download memu https://www.memuplay.com/ - Download Nox 6 https://en.bignox.com/ - Download virtual xposed VirtualXposed (#1hw64j76) - Use game guardian 81.0 or above. - Watch the tutorial to bypass any detection from games. Avoid detection - root from virtual space - VirtualXposed, GameGuardian (#29vpqmdx) - Hide game guardian from game. Tick 2nd and 3rd options. Features of the script: 1.Gold hack 2.Energy and level hack 3.Obsidian chest hack 4.Stats hack (Health, Attack speed, Damage) 5.Items hack 6.Infinite revive with 1 gem No root guide (NEW): 1. Download virtual space. (eg. Parallel Space, Virtual Xposed etc.) 2. Download Game Guardian in no root mode (x64 for phone). 3. Add Game Guardian and Archero into Parallel Space as example. 4. Tick 2nd, 3rd and 4th options in hide gg from game guardian. 5. Enjoy the hack. Videos Online script usage and game guardian settings. Q & A Here are some common question that I randomly pick. About bypass the protection (Any problem you can't find here are probably in instructions above, read before ask!) About hack
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    Basically I dont see any advanced script have open source. Learn lua from google is easier and fastest way to learn.
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    x = --value you want gg.searchNumber(x,gg.TYPE_DWORD) local t1 = gg.getResults(100) for i=1, 100 do a = { address = t1[1].address + offset , address = t1[1].address + offset2, -- do until you satisfied } end gg.addListItems(a) This can save address of different offset. (MAYBE?)
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    Save values 100 to saved list. Script 1 : function a1() a= gg.searchNumber("100",4) gg.addListItems(a) end a1() Then rerun a new script. Script 2 : function f1() x = gg.getListItems() --[[ Add whatever you want to do down here if you want to edit the value of x, do this Example: If you want to find value 20 and replace the address of offset of 4 to the x gg.searchNumber("20",4) local x1 = gg.getResults(1) for i=1, 100 do x[i].value = x1[1].address + 4 gg.setValues(x) end ]]-- end f1()
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    Thanks for the mention and the credit. Here, that's how I made it PinoutTEST.lua
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    You could try updating Google play services manually as shown in this video https://youtu.be/osyC5PYJic8
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    Read about gg.require: https://gameguardian.net/help/ [added 1 minute later] Package can be any. You do not need rely on it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Click Here For UPDATE
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    Hi Guys, as there isn^t any much Intel going up here based on Gamelofts *World At Arms* i am about to start a Discussion and offer Help. Current Game state allows probably most everything to get the most Fun out of it. Events, Goldstars, Dupes and alot more. I got some modified APKs aswell. Any active Players around here ? Lets exchange. Feel free to ask if u need Help. cheers
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    Version 0.16.5


    Telegram Channel : Click Here

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