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    Choose your vehicle that you have chosen as a trip (unless of course you have it), look at its capacity, translate this value into grams, enter data in GG, type "E:Double", find and hack!
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    I am probably going to release it within the next week or so, a few things will be donor only functions like the Belaz and some items that are used as "online currencies" in trade, since this was originally going to be a Donor only script
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    Yes. because for now there is no other method for checking debugging in gg. so they don't mind. just run the script again not with the restart button. Thanks
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    I also facing this problem in my honor7x karnel is so bad script are not work on my device can this fix when android pie is come any chances ? Or before version nogaut?
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    Version 1.2


    Discontinued. Due to some reason, I'll open the server until 28/3 Therefore, there will no support because I'll move to China to develop. we're sorry about that.

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