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  1. You followed each step. Idk what version phone do you have? And is it rooted?
  2. Why are you stopping? You are one of only few who actually do good on mso scripts.
  3. Good thing I didn't download it yet. I'm still trying to get xprivacy up and working to see if I can block standoff 2 from knowing my other applications therefore blocking it from seeing gg
  4. I don't give a fuc who owns the d*** thing as long it works.
  5. 8 ball online would be nice lmao good luck
  6. I am not a serious gamer. I go by the names StneCldKilr (mostly) , DiMthrFukr, Stay2Stnd, and L4w3nf0rc3r on all the games i play. I play mainly fps and battle royal games. And love try a lot of the gaming script lua scripts here on Game guardian. I been using GG for about a year, but only recently started posting as of the past two months.
  7. I would advise you not to use speed hack and a lot of games especially fps games. I used speed hack in Modern Strike online in one of my non important accounts and it was immediately banned. also pubg bans it too. speed hack is a quick way to be banned because its so detectable.
  8. Stne

    I got banned

    Being banned is always a possibility. deal with it. just create a new account. If you were smart you wouldn't have used your main account to cheat in. Just saying.
  9. Stne

    Being Banned

    Here's the Deal. STOP complaining about being banned. This is always a possibility in any game. The only way to minimize the effect of being banned on your life is to only use game guardian and other cheats on accounts that are not important to you. If your dumb enough to use it on your main account and get banned, that's your fault. In every post, there should be a mentioning of the possibility of being banned and the owner of the script or whatever you are downloading should always say that it isn't their fault if you get banned. Now every now and then there is that one dumb a** that post a script and say its 100% no ban. That is a lie! You can be 50% sure or maybe 80% sure but 100% sure is straight up BS! Don't trust those scripts or if you are going to use it don't do it on your main account. That's your choice just don't complain when you are banned its gets annoying reading those message that show anger towards the creator of the script. It's not there fault its yours! You Downloaded it! and You executed it. Take the blame. Personally, I know people hate it when they get those comments on their scripts saying i got banned . don't trust this person and their scripts and some other s***. That was always a possibility.
  10. Probably a fake. Watch out and be careful. Only download gg from here, the official game guardian web page, my advice.
  11. I am not completely sure about this. I usually stick with using guest accounts or have several Google accounts. I have a lot of Google play accounts. So if your account is banned that means that (unless your game account is associated with your Google play account) the game recognizes your device (ip address). I'm pretty sure. You can block it from identifying your device through xprivacy app but that account is gone either way. But I would consult an expert on this subject. I'm still learning.
  12. Heres a copy of a post i did for this.
  13. Here's a copy of my post for free fire game but will work with other apps to just follow the same steps but instead f looking for free fire you will do it for your specific application.
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