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    Version 3.2.0


    Features ESP Perfect Aim (BanRisk) Max Ammo/No Reload Light AimAssist Heavy AimAssist (buggy) Wallclimb Flyhack HighScope ChamsMenu FOV Changer Fevirre's FR/WS editor. Manual Sidespeed Manual AimAssist Note Updated for v9.0.0 100% Anti-ban Contact me by mail : azpunk@yahoo.com Join my channel on telegram for latest updates and tutorials : https://t.me/gobpZ https://t.me/gobpzforum I do not own any youtube channel.
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    Version 1.2.0 GG


    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1) or later. There is support for x86. Video: No root via Virtual Space - GameGuardian (#1pmmphuv) Before installing the optimized version, uninstall the version from Google Play. Differences of the optimized version: no error 105.
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    Hello Guys. First of all, im new here. So, please be nice to me. Today, I'll be sharing mage class weapon cheat. I found this cheat quite unintentionally. It works on me, idk on you. [MAGE CLASS WEAPON CHEAT] > You can do the cheat at the start of the game. this is for mage class only. for other classes, I encourage you to experiment. After you started the game, follow the following. >follow the path untill you reach the wooden box. click the box on top right of the screen to obtain Iron dagger which all classes can use. >Now, open Game Guardian. >Click on EXACT SEARCH and make a new search for Dword 370. Make sure you have willow wand equipped. >Next, go back to the game and equip iron dagger. >Then, go back to GG, and refine your search to 501. >if the search results are too many, go back to the game again and equip willow wand. Then, go to GG and refine your search to 370. >Do this process until your search narrowed to three search results. >Now, change one of the value of the search result to 369 and voila! your equipped weapon has changed to Staff of wonders. if you want to change your current equipped weapon to other weapons, refer below. ( I apologized as this list is not complete for other weapons. I encourage you to experiment to find the correct value for other weapons) 380-Staff of force 375-game crashes 374-batrax wand 373-icy wand 372-wand of scorching 371-oak wand 370-willow wand 369-staff of wonders 368-crystallized wand 367-wand of power 366-staff of the dead king 365-staff of impact 364-staff of traveller 363-branch of the holy tree 362-staff of the arcanist 361-wand of the arcanist 360-scepter of the underworld 359-game crashes The value type of the 3 digit number is Dword.
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    --In case of errors, loadfile returns nil local chunk = loadfile("") if chunk == nil then gg.alert("LoadFile Error !") os.exit() end References: https://www.lua.org/pil/8.html
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    This question has been already answered. See here: LUA scripting (#bl06olwk)
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    Just wanted to say thanks to @punkaZ but his whole conversation left me no choice to describe my feelings towards it. TBH @XxhentaixX you are right about the fact that if someone put his hours of hardwork and create a hack it's his right to distribute it free or either sell it, fair enough. But here you miss the point i.e (a) you said devs gona patch it now. no you are wrong if they are likely to patch it they should spend 20$ to buy your script and see their vulnerabilities. (b) you wrote on your script that if you are poor then leave the game, well now guess who's poor. I bet on each and every one commenting here is a d*** pro with almost no end game weapons and giving tough time to all rich kids in game, reason we all need this kind of hack bcoz of stupid rich kids and this game has no skill level to distinguish between us f2p and rich kids p2w so they leave us no option but to use cheats, those greedy devs are not here to hear us but to earn so does you then why its bad when we do what we have to do. And you come here talk about ethics where all other ppl trying to help the community you arrogantly throw everyone out by saying no script for poor. Like you are the king by combining different codes of different programmers. you are no different then those greedy devs and those rich kids do have money for their entertainment but we poor ppl have this unity which you guys only dream of. Look at all the comments, you see the difference in your arrogant thinking and us, ppl here want to give free codes of different things they dont know how to compile so they are contributing by giving it to @punkaZ. This is because you fools think poor as abuse, you think that being poor is worthy of nothing. Now keep your thoughts with you and watch our unity and burn till we enjoy. one legend gone another born, thats what we have. Which is a rare sight for ppl like you and your greedy community. saiaapiz gone punkaz born. and so is the circle of Life. Your initial argument is positive i agree but selling your script here is not the right platform. This community base on help us find the vulnerability to those greedy game which left us no choice to play without paying. So we play it our way. Now I say in respect to you what you say to others in bold 'Get Lost'. and to punkaZ and every other programmer who help community are 'Awesome'.
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    banned Sent from my Lenovo P2a42 using Tapatalk
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    Why cant i Find Forward Assaul on Gameguardian? Its both running on Parallel Space but still no Forward Assault Please help me
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    Examples of Lua scripts (#9v7rwwt2)
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    Chinese SSU encryption author makes money by encryption, such as selling SSU encryption activation code, SSU author QQ group has sold your script compiler, please punish them.
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    Always headshot isn't working anymore... I played two games my quest was get 6 headshots I killed 16 people in two games and I only got 3 headshots
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    what examples can I make?
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    You can record script with GG and see generated code for this.

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