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    Version v3.9.3


    Features • ESP • Aimbot • Always Headshot • Damage Hack • Infinity Ammo • No Recoil • Admin Panel • Field Of View Hack Extra Note • Run script before starting a match. • Mostly doesn't work on x86. • This trial script may not working in future game updates. - Script will not be updated anymore, for more information. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFKvzx7E__GdERLGcA Gameplay
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    anyoneMy guns of boom keep freezig at 11% in parallel space anyone got a solution for it? after some time after loading 11% it says connection error, please help
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    Finaly started learning Lua..best way us to ride it down..and with books...studien in libary is very good..now and then not understanding stuff but testing nethods out with gameguardian ?
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    Is it possible to hack exp needed for next level? anyone try it? for base and job exp?
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    Version 1.1.11


    This script can be used to acquire 1.unlimited lightning round packs of your choice 2.Make existing packs infinite 3.Cost of packs reduced to zero 4.No limit to the daily amount of packs you can buy WATCH THIS VIDEO TO KNOW HOW TO USE THE SCRIPT WATCH THIS VIDEO TO KNOW HOW TO USE THE SCRIPT
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    Version 1.1.11


    this script can be used to: 1.rank up to division 1 from whatever division you are currently on even if you lose the versus matches 2.always receive max division 1 rewards even if you lose a versus match 3.unlimited fut and super packs 4.unlimited tokens and gold from div 1 rewards 5.guaranteed max div 1 rewards every time you play versus
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    Try update again: Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support (#cy2mamce) or install old version.
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    I have modified this script(v3.7.6) so that it wont crash, only easy aim and always head shot works. Esp wont work. Its somewhat buggy. If u want a stable and updated script contact @saiaapiz. GoB v3.7.6 Modified by pZ.lua
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    Watch on YouTube: 8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian

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