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    Version 1.0.1


    Features: Level Brotherhood to Maximum Level And Set to any level at anytime afterwords Set Level Of All Characters, They Can Be Raised Or Lowered At Any Time(misses a couple of them working on it) Gives you 9,999,999 Coins, Wood and Stone ( restart game after amount updates in game) Duplicates Stack-able Inventory gives either 1 full stack (crafting materials) or 10 full stacks (Potions) Godmode
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    anyoneMy guns of boom keep freezig at 11% in parallel space anyone got a solution for it? after some time after loading 11% it says connection error, please help
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    Version v3.7.6


    Script will not be updated anymore, for more information. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFKvzx7E__GdERLGcA Features • ESP • Easy Aim • Always Headshot • Max Ammo • Admin Panel • Field Of View Changer Extra Note • Run script before starting a match. • Mostly doesn't work on x86. Gameplay
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    Finaly started learning Lua..best way us to ride it down..and with books...studien in libary is very good..now and then not understanding stuff but testing nethods out with gameguardian
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    Is it possible to hack exp needed for next level? anyone try it? for base and job exp?
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    Version 1.1.11


    this script can be used to: 1.rank up to division 1 from whatever division you are currently on even if you lose the versus matches 2.always receive max division 1 rewards even if you lose a versus match 3.unlimited fut and super packs 4.unlimited tokens and gold from div 1 rewards 5.guaranteed max div 1 rewards every time you play versus
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    Try update again: Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support (#cy2mamce) or install old version.
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    I have modified this script(v3.7.6) so that it wont crash, only easy aim and always head shot works. Esp wont work. Its somewhat buggy. If u want a stable and updated script contact @saiaapiz. GoB v3.7.6 Modified by pZ.lua
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    Watch on YouTube: 8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian