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  1. i'll Stop playing this game.. No hack no fun. Up..
  2. if impossible to hack, maybe this thread need to be closed.
  3. Is it possible to hack exp needed for next level? anyone try it? for base and job exp?
  4. how to udit table loots ? change the number but monster drop nothing.. help.. anyone
  5. are there any difference from lower price VIP Script ($4) and $10? if $4 = $10, maybe im interested to buy it. but any other payment option? i dont have paypal..
    Need more explanation about "used pass in gameplay" and "used in play".. what is that mean? Gameplay means "lobby" before we get on plane? (At little island on top corner). Used in Play, while in game (real fight), is it? And thanks for your lua script
  6. hoi hoi.... how to use mod in INOTIA 4 1.1.7 MEGA MOD ? would you make a tuts with pic? thanks
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