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    Version 3.4


    Discord link: https://discord.gg/J88WPSC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDLNS9QOUIY Enjoy guys
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    View File PUBG HACK APK & SCRIPT 0.9.0 DOWNLOAD ALL PARTS FOR WORK APK & OBB PUBG MOBILE https://gameguardian.net/7yy9d APK PUBG MOBILE 0.9.0 https://gameguardian.net/mEsVMq PATCH PUBG MOBILE 0.9.0 https://gameguardian.net/vsGS20 OBB 9630 PUBG MOBILE Submitter YTIrfanMaul Submitted 10/26/18 Category PUBG
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    The new zone hack is a cool feature but I think it's getting unsafe for a ban possibly.
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    Hey, your script was pretty good for this game. I'd give it 5 stars. But please update script. It's not opening anymore. Thank you
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    drop rate you mean FPS right? normaly that's Xa or Ca, no way it can be A, A are gonne be log in information, request, guns, bullets, maps, and stuff like that, when its about device the change very high that's its gonne be Xa, each value leads to Xa because the hacks you have in the game and change very time are also leaded to a value that is already uploaded from the beginning, I see it like boxes in boxes, the main value, then a child of it, the point I to change the main valueto make it easyer for us all. the fps value can`t be realy changed on good games, highest you probably can go is 60fps tiy can`t cap it, but the good thing about it is you do not get the lag
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    Your hack didn't work well. Like Antenna head is from player butt not point to the sky. Also didn't include new functions in it..
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. The hack works in the same way for 'GardenScapes' ..
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    just take my free script so everyone knows that your youtube channel is trash, I subscribe to your channel You made a video about how to find hacking. but you are leecher? so you hacks finder or leechers , lmao