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  1. Azreal

    Indentity V

    Looks amazing hentai. I can't wait to try it out.
  2. You don't even know what you're talking about.lol Compared to you, I make a fortune coding for an entertainment company. Anyhow, have fun with your stolen script. Script kitty's like you are a dime a dozen just like the wannabe "Anonymous" club. Learn how to spell properly. It's like talking to a 13 year old who can't spell small words.
  3. Using your stolen script? Nah, rather not take my chances.lol Rather pay hentai anyday of the week for a safe updated script. Maybe when you learn how to make your own, I'd be happy to test out. ?
  4. Haha thanks. Either way, would be worth buying. I'd share my orcus administrative program with you if you like that type of stuff. ?
  5. Yeah haha I noticed. You're work was that impressive though my friend. I'll be looking forward to buying it in the future
  6. True lol seems like they are starting to put up some extra security for some online apps. Wish it was as easy as it was in the past when finding script values.
  7. Pretty solid script. Thank you
  8. Of course! I wasn't dissing saiaapz. I like all of his scripts tbh. Even with the bans on GOB script, that always head shot was OP and I'm sure my dumb self did too much and got banned.lol but I noticed a lot of GOB scripts on here that were stolen from you long ago. Lots of outdated ones. But I was saying, hopefully mello don't know how to actually script so you can keep making that cash.lol
  9. Yeah, I've tried saiaapz script. Was an easy ban though compared to yours. Looks exactly like your script though with the chambz, etc. Probably won't last long if he doesn't know how to script well hopefully. Keep up the hard work hentai. Snakes will be snakes. Too bad you can't IP lock those scripts for paid customers.
  10. Figured this was stolen from hentai.lol
    Hey, your script was pretty good for this game. I'd give it 5 stars. But please update script. It's not opening anymore. Thank you
  11. Honestly, this is a pretty solid script even though ban is easy, it flows pretty nice. Awesome work on this.
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