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    Finally did it saved_logs.zip
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    What's that section?: That section is a tutorial section for how cheat on games using GG , not a request topic Example : Name of Game: THE NAME OF THE GAME Game Version if known: VERSION OF THE GAME Name of Cheat: NAME OF THE CHEAT ( INFINITE GOLD , DIAMOND , MANA etc ... ) Search Regions Needed: 4byte (default is 4byte) THE SEARCH REGION NEEDED Steps: If you post empty topics like that , you will be warned : Name of Game: Game Version if known: Name of Cheat: Search Regions Needed: 4byte (default is 4byte) Steps: Open both Subway Surfer ( EXAMPLE ) , and GameGuardian.Collect some coins ( WE HAVE 10 COINS ) , open GameGuardian and search 10 Collect some coins again ( WE NOW HAVE 20 coins ) , open GameGuardian and search 20Repeat the step until you have 1 to 5 resultsModify the value coins by what you wantOpen both {game_name}, and iGameGuardian.
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