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  1. 2 hours ago, soffter said:

    Nice, That at the moment can only be modified manually?

    No. You can use strings like '~A MOV R0, R4' as value in all appropriate places in script, like edtAll, setValues and so on.

    2 hours ago, NoFear said:

    ETA for x64?

    When it done. Before x64 will be Coproc, NEON, Thumb.

  2. I read most letters of your text:

    5 minutes ago, kuJoJotaro007 said:

    hello.. i did most of your steps until i checked the box of "use root in in Virtual space" with yes but it sended me a message of "failed to load daemon"

    i think the multiple account app did not get root and it didn't give me the grant/deny root screen it gave you in the video

    im using bluestacks emulator

    And found you say "all good". Glad to hear this.

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