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  1. 1 hour ago, K0media said:

    /storage/emulated/0/parallel_intl (this is where the Parallel Space saves the Virtual Backup data and other details)

    It looks like this is the work of virtual space. It replaces the path "on the fly." The application writes to the memory card, but due to the substitution, it gets here. Perhaps this can be disabled somewhere in the settings, I do not know.
    Because of this substitution, in order to transfer data between virtual spaces, you will have to move them yourself so that Virtual Backup sees them from another virtual space.

    1 hour ago, K0media said:

    How do you write that data to the admin directories without root access?

    Everything that exists in the virtual space is one application. Which has access to its data. Therefore, the root is not needed. The application has the right to dispose of its data itself. For example, copy them to a memory card.
    In this case, the game data, from the point of view of the android, and the data of Virtual Backup, is the data of one large Parallel Space application that does something with them. And root is not needed.
    For example, you can put a file manager into virtual space and operate on paths and internal data, if you know them.
    I did several mods of file managers for this on 4pda.ru. I will not flood them here. If you want, you will find them there yourself. Just do not bother me with questions about how to download on 4pda or how to use these mods. And sort it out yourself, or don’t get into it at all.

    1 hour ago, K0media said:

    some apps and games show in both Virtual Backup x32/x64. Any idea why?

    The data folder exists in both 64-bit and 32-bit space. 32 and 64 spaces are two different applications, each with its own data. Most often, if there is 64 folder, then 32 folder is empty or it is not available at all. So if there is 64, then copying 32 is pointless, usually.
    The list of applications is compiled by a list of folders. So if there is an empty folder there, then the application will be on the list.
    In general, the utility is very simple. I am not going to develop it and "lick" it.

  2. Root is not needed.
    It works only in virtual spaces.
    The number after end means the return code of the cp command, which copies the files.
    Usually 0 is success, and 1 is error. But this is not always the case. As you can see in the video, there were 1 and 0, but everything was successful.
    Perhaps if cp cannot copy all the files, it returns 1, skipping part of the files.

    1 hour ago, K0media said:

    And to make sure you get things right, I've checked whether the Virtual Backup folder was created in the internal storage (it should be with the /storage/emulated/0/VirtualBackup) with a file explorer, but it was not there at all.

    You may not have granted file permissions to the virtual space.

  3. The list of applications is based on a list of folders with data. If there is no folder (because you deleted it through cleaning), then the application will not be in the list.

    Do not clear the data, or run the application, after that, so that the necessary folders are created.

    You perform deliberately erroneous actions, and then complain that it does not work as it should.

    Data Restore copy data with overwrite. You do not need to remove data before that.

  4. 3 hours ago, nalcwap said:

    can please add a option in the chain to put a offset distance?i mean one value not be find with the chain but i find other value that is show and the offset betten the 2 values is same , is possible add that option to find the other value?thanks

    If you find such a value, simply increase the maximum offset by that value, and search from the original value.

    [added 0 minutes later]
    3 hours ago, nalcwap said:

    sorry not work when i restart


  5. He is looking for anything that may be like pointers. But not necessarily that this pointer. It may just be random data with a similar value.
    It may also be a pointer to something else, which is now located nearby, and in the next launch, it will not be near.

    Try specifying more depth and / or more offset.

    It is usually enough to conduct a simple test - find the value, make a script for the chains. Restart the game. Find the value again, and then compare it with what the script has restored.
    If there is no such value, then this method does not work.

  6. Chain of pointers. Pointer to pointer and so on. The chain length is the number of pointers.
    The first pointer of the chain is in static memory, which can always be calculated and it does not change.
    Further, moving on a chain, it is possible to calculate each subsequent element. And so on until the desired value.

    If the correct chain is found, then it is possible to restore the values, which change every time. when restarting the whole game or individual levels.

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