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    Watch on YouTube: 91.0: Load all changed elements as a result of the search - GameGuardian
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    Unfortunately, GG does not come with the smart brain. Although I believe that in one of the future versions this problem will be fixed.
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    Common errors in help requests (#3mwioa3r) [added 1 minute later] You must specify full text of error. [added 2 minutes later] And here not visible your line number so you must exact specify what line 13.
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    menu = gg.choice({'Infinite money','Exit'}) if menu == 1 then menu1 = gg.choice({'Start','Finish'}) if menu1 == 1 then prompt = gg.prompt({'How much money do you have?'}) gg.searchNumber(prompt[1],gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.alert('Get some money. Then press finish.') end if menu1 == 2 then prompt1 = gg.prompt({'Enter the final money count.'}) gg.refineNumber(prompt1[1],gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll('999999999',gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) end end gg.alert('Sub to C_ffeeStain. He made this script.') like this....??
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    The answer is present in the description of returned value of prompt function from the documentation. In your case the call to the function (if dialog was not cancelled) returns a table with one element that has the key 1. Here is an example of how such table may look like: t = {[1] = 'Value from the field'} To access value that is associated with key, you need to index the table with that key. For the example above it would be: t[1] So in your code, you need to change usages of returned value by "prompt" function to access value of table element, not the table itself. For example: gg.searchNumber(prompt[1], gg.TYPE_DOUBLE)
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    You can only modify move speed with game guardian, does not affect attack speed only movement speed with speedup from game guardian, and only go to x6 speed or disconnects, it's an easy way to run passed mobs instead of killing all in the way, also good for collecting items in the game that are on the ground
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    This is only drone view. No map hack nor damage hack as said in title

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