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  1. If you have game guardian, you can edit your hearts from arena that you use to upgrade the red bloody artifacts, all you gotta do is go to your profile statistics(the page that shows you all your bonuses like % crit % souls stuff like that) look for bonus to hearts %, this is where people get confused, gotta do a search for that % in decimal form, mine is at 400% so i do a search for 4.0 double, i come up with about 1300 results, change all to 999999, if you stayed in GG long enough, when you go back to the game it will reload, check your hearts bonus, BAM 999999%, do a pvp match, win, and look at all those hearts, upgrade all you bloody artifacts to max [added 3 minutes later] Search 1.05, get 126 results change all to 9, don't want to do high, it's your dmg mutiplier, 9 is more than enough to make it look like your still legit, but gives you a major upper hand still, ppl will report you if your main mob is hecka low, but your lvl you've made it to is hecka high
  2. You can only modify move speed with game guardian, does not affect attack speed only movement speed with speedup from game guardian, and only go to x6 speed or disconnects, it's an easy way to run passed mobs instead of killing all in the way, also good for collecting items in the game that are on the ground
  3. Ok, check this out, you can change hp and durability of weapon that I've found so far I'll explain how momentarily So open both gg and elder scrolls blades, go into Abyss(best place to do this) look at hp, open gg put value, search auto, going to be a float/red value, but you can only find it using auto, anyway after that do a fight but be sure to get hit, after fight is over open charecter view again and look at hp, open gg, input value and hit refine, you might have to repeat these steps a couple times, but will end up with 2 floats, say you have 209 hp the floats will be something like 208.0067836, change those 2 floats to 999999 and freeze but may increase or game will crash. Now for durability, basically the same process and will be 2-4 float adresses, only change to 999, any higher game will crash, to get these floats do search for current weapon durability, hit enemies a few times, do refined search for new durability till you get to 2-4 adresses, again only change to 999 freeze but may increase, or game will crash With this you can get far in abyss, also NEVER die, the rewards in abyss are great, chests take long to open though, i went from Level 2 to Level 15 in 1 run of abyss, and get a s**ton of gear and chests
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