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  2. View File AyoDance Mobile [MOD BASIC] MOD BASIC VIP Submitter AGLIX Submitted 11/24/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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  4. i need fury survivor pixel z script, tired of being banned, level hack only pls pls help, or can you help me to hack my dummy account hehe.. i read this Fury Survivor: Pixel Z (#5e7gi4ew) but still not understanding, more than 20 times im getting ban. bwaaahhh
  5. My friend, you are really fast. Thanks a lot.
  6. OKay, but Ive used my iphone 5 too, probs not the best phone but I really want the app.
  7. Hello friend. can you update your hack. autowin, reward hack, autodrive, VIP car and more please? you are the best @MarioRossi93i
  8. really good tut. Lays out info for the novice and the intermediate in clear steps. Thanks
  9. Check your game is if latest version. Different version may change some data. I made for latest version. Search 401479789D;-65335320D:5 in Xa region Choose -65335320. After u start playing,use pointer search on that address. Result will be only one in Anonymous region. And goto that address. Choose address at offset 10.Goto pointer. Offset +18.Goto pointer. See below for clean. --> +18 --> +58 --> +20 --> +98 (here is health) Def will be under health.
  10. Bro,can u share the car id's? Thanks.
  11. Possibly run the game in x8sandbox and speed everything up. Not really a GG solution but it may work. Good luck
  12. Dayan021

    Freezed games

    Hi dear. my game guardian is not stop or bot freezed games online/offline games please help me for this problem. my phone Galaxy a5 2017 android 8 gg parallel space signed parallel space 64 bit support is installed in my phone. tnx
  13. maybe this will help...?? if tonumber(gg.VERSION) > 73.0 then gg.alert("You need oldest version of GG to run script") os.exit() end script will exit if use GG higher than 73.0
  14. Hi, could you help me maybe? I would like to use your script but when I try to open mcpe in parallel space it is just stuck on the first loadjng screen. Do you know any solution?
  15. memory range = Anonymous type = Dword - search the weapon attack value then use increment to pinpoint the right one. - same for armor.
  16. I've tried for months to hack this game, but to no avail. I'm assuming they have a really good cheat detection system that prevents hacking since it's server only. I tried hacking for gems, coins, and even experience, and cosmetically the value changes, but only cosmetically. The results end up resetting itself to whatever value it was prior to the change. The items are exorbitantly priced, so a hack would be appreciated, if it's even possible. Very doubtful, though.
  17. ChaniVdm


    I can't get keys they keep rolling back to 0 pls tell me how to get keys
  18. I used your script to encrypt my online script. When i put the script on ":" named folder, it's cannot run. Then when i load code it, i can see the decrypted script.
  19. Tried rr3_car_hack.v2.0.bin.lua. Never finds anything on rr3 9.0.1.
  20. Yesterday
  21. View File Zombie tsunami script v1.59.0 by DimasR F Hello Hope you to enjoy this script Plz Subscribe my script channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5jBHEmMrYbkh5oWFkbkzZg How to use this script https://youtu.be/Po-xGw0Bfu0 Submitter ScripterIndonesia Submitted 11/23/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  22. Mr_N3M0

    Simcity buildit

    I have yet to figure out EXP since the update
  23. Np, I'll follow up to get the updated version.
  24. Hello, When I try to use speed hack on certain games, it's limited at x3 , even if I push the speed hack to x5 x20 or x3200 , the game don't speed up and is limited to x3 . Now idk if the game have a speed limit or there is some options on GG to remove this limit. As I said i'm limited in some games, not all, so if someone can help, thanks.
  25. Hello my intention was to go and change the value of the coins (the value at the top left in the first photo) within the game of the game "glory of generals 3", a famous game about the second world war just released for both android and for IOS I tried several times, but always without success (I only managed to change some values, such as the Hp of the various units, but when I try to increase the coins nothing happens and sometimes the game crashes), can you help me? Thanks
  26. There are still several ways in which to use GG effectively with Simcity Buildit. You can find methods for simCash, war cards, war items, and epic projects with a pretty quick Google search. The only big thing that still hasn't been figured out it seems is platinum keys. But still far from "useless"...
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