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  2. Hello everybody. I am try to hack pubg mobile with gg. I know there were many script for this game. But I have a question: Did they get some hard to find value(recoil, character render, wall hack, ..) by luck or they actually can extract game code to get that kind of value? Some unity game which I can analysis game code to get the value effect gameplay but I can do it in pubg mobile ( unreal engine 4).
  3. Today
  4. @BadCase Can i have your script/launcher? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
  5. Try lua script once But remember if the value of hold increase more than limit They will ban u
  6. Growtopia 1hit [added 1 minute later] [added 1 minute later] .
  7. Yesterday
  8. Help me please! I need a hack for resources for crafting based on a base or mod, everything is open including weapons and armor, preferably a lua script.
  9. Hello bro thnx for tht great script... But i think its not working any more every time i open it i have error and script not work :/.. So you gonna make any update soon?
  10. brain3000

    Two Dots

    Trying to change the value of gold coins in Two Dots https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weplaydots.twodotsandroid Any help would be great thanks.
  11. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tbysdl.elemental Anybody can update this Lua? ed_.lua
  12. If you wish to edit craft points, here is how. 28,429,462,274,048,015;28,429,466,575,634,546;32,088,563,963,461,747;29,273,822,787,141,729;31,525,605,420,302,435;32,651,569,751,720,047;493,928,841,326;17,179,869,299:33 ezgif.com-rotate (1).mp4
  13. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Last Day On Earth (#293vhke7) x64 script is still in progress.
  14. Chico121

    Lawl MMORPG

    ? script ? Searched values were found have been changed appeared in the game the result but it was not possible to make the purchase how should i follow
  15. lol that is! we have to spend some money. but how much?
  16. Did I put ever happen to figure this out?
  17. View File Fut 20 Ronoplays vip cracked/leaked Follow the instructions in rono's video and use my leaked backup. Submitter Uaaa Submitted 11/13/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  18. this game was so much easy to hack...as long as it can be. and with the guides like from @Jimeous ...i couldnt ask for more.
  19. unfortunately didn't work for me, every thing is ok until 10:50 I didn't find the same pattern, hence couldn't reach the codes
  20. i dont think anyone will do it for free . go and learn more . for this thing only Lua will not be enought . u will need web languages (at this way PHP) . but if u want only lua u can try it with read imei , build prop file and by some files which will have only this device . GL .
  21. I dont know about that too, but it already fixed in 87.4 thx
  22. bro ur script is not working.
  23. My Telegram Account has Change To @ZPictYT
  24. Hi, Can someone teach me how to hack city items? I'm New to this and know zero but would like to learn. Anyone around that can take me under their wing? Any manuals with videos to follow? Thank you
  25. Hello ,I need hack ,I give ban for Cheater . Because I have for a hole in the nose cheating on Standoff 2! Please Create or Find Me cheat for ban!!!
  26. Anything that has to do with anything that costs money on the game I can guarantee you is all server side. You might be able to find a specific toons values for a arena fight or a pve fight but I guarantee you that's all that you'll be able to do. If you are able to increase your energy, gems, etc it's purely aesthetic and will not work properly.
  27. Name of Game: Royal Dice : Random Defense Game Version: 1.22.0 Name of Cheat: Coins/Diamons/Dices Search type: Dword Steps: Open Royal Dice, and GameGuardian. You can do it wherever you want (Daily Rewards, Daily Special Deal) I will take an example in daily rewards for diamons. Use speed hack to change the day in the game and refill the rewards. The first need to be 10 free diamons, and search for it. Speed up until it changes and get 100 gold. Refine your search until you get one value, usually only takes 1 refine. Change and freeze if u preffer to: 100,000 if u want gold 14,000 for diamons 8,000 aprox for dices 100 aprox for legends dices Continue to claiming with speed hack Tips: When you finish, I recommend deleting the game data or reinstalling it so that the date is corrected and not have to go through the days used by the speed hack. You cant give more diamons or gold, It has a maximum quantity limit that you can give yourself. If you give more than indicated your data will not be saved. For dices its the same steps just dont refine or change when you get a chest in your special deal. To get dices it will cost gold, so the best is get a lot of diamons and buy it. Any questions feel free to ask
  28. Last week
  29. Yeah can you help me out too, I've been struggling how to learn how to change the values to get tickets and coins and whatever I can get in the game, It'd be really helpful if you could do a tutorial.
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