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  2. For which game ? Try and give as much info as possible when requesting help. It saves everyone time and you're more likely to get help
  3. Hello Dns66 is a really good ad solution , for all those annoying ads. And it's free.
  4. Game guardian cannot work with browsers cuz javascript change memory every time and also can you explain more on what you did?
  5. i dont think u can dump a C# file because in unity or some form of game programming engine all C# files are compiled into C++ which then gets converted into .so files in the lib wich hides in the arm-4 file these files are built to NOT BE READED on android because devs want to keep their code safe from leachers the other thing u can do is get VMOS or X8 Sandbox i reccomend VMOS because the apps are already added and both are self root Vmos: https://www.vmos.com/ X8 Sandbox: https://x8sb.com/ the only thing u can do is script with the .so files and add code in them. but a pc is required to inspect the so file.
  6. Yesterday
  7. There is a light green letter under it A = anonymous Jh = Java_heap if you go to the hamburger icon on the left and select , "select memory regions" it will tell you what letter represents that memory range. and if you already did encypted then this is possibly encrypted with XOR or ptrace im thinking its ptrace... because it sets back when u edit it right? from the game guardian video bypass ptrace protection when he tryed to edit his value it changed back so when he used the bypass feature it allowed him to edit the value with no problems. try that if that does not work then its probably XOR and the servers (meaning that probably you cant edit) (one more thing is try using hide game guardian from game)
  8. I found on dll... Game -> SecureGameManager -> Money But i dont know what i have to do with this [added 0 minutes later] if we can buy something and add money with it
  9. Good work. But nor working Bluestacks emulator thks
  10. @Jasminemoon practicing and learning search methods only will take you so far though. When attempting to fill out a recent request on this site the,solution was to search the value with byte separation i.e. value is 90 in game so search 90x4 for a byte separation of four bytes, but I had overlooked this method as it isn't used as much and I don't have to use it very often. So remember to frequently revisit learned stuff just so you stay refreshed and you can probably save yourself sometime later on down the road, I would've probably spent the better half of a few hours trying to mod the apk had @Farmeriscool not provided the proper search method. I'm not too good at apk modding yet. Incase you do come across something that you can the life of you cannot figure out and you decide to consult these forums some information that's really helpful to provide in your posts are the methods you've tried the playstore link for the app what you're attempting to edit, and any other odd things that you notice that doesn't correlate with the status quo of similar games Sorry if any of this is over complicating things I do have a really circumventing on my explanations
  11. r is reverse hex. I left everything in format similar to Arm opcodes.
  12. yes... for this time servers are stopped...
  13. Did you allready know? I have the same problem
  14. detect by game, force close
  15. so the item you drop is "bugged" and technically has a negative value. it won't join the larger stack either. it can be used to do an additional qword search as that one item has two values. negative and 1 in order to find it. As long as you didn't start large, you should be fine to keep splitting it. the other items were "vanishing" when I picked them up as it was being added to the negative value of that first dropped item. it's still a bit weird but usable. Food doesn't seem to have this problem at least or can eat the negative-valued item
  16. View File ExPoint Among Us Script Among Us Script I think for now this is good enough, most of the values are pretty public either way, I just fixed em. GIMME A LIKE PLS (+REP) Submitter ExclamationPoint Submitted 02/26/2021 Category LUA scripts  
  17. Noted with thanks!!! @Farmeriscool
  18. Hello everyone! Can anyone help me hack some gold on the latest version of NFS No limits? I know it's possible but I can't figure out how to do that. Thanks in advance.
  19. View File ExPoint CD Script This might look like I stole it but I'm actually the person who made it lmao Creative Destruction Script Defo pretty OP Aimbot, dk what to do with it I'll just post it here. Probably no updates coming. Won't get banned in the near future with this. Have fun GIMME A LIKE PLS (+REP) Submitter ExclamationPoint Submitted 02/25/2021 Category LUA scripts  
  20. Last week
  21. VMOS does have a run as root option... You say you use vmos as in it was working before but this is a new problem? It could be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling it or using a different virtual machine
  22. Virtual machine root emulation is probably your best bet, meaning X8 sandbox given that its more convenient. So you need to reinstall game guardian, and you won't need your parallel space after this either so go ahead and remove that as well. Install X8 and then activate it's root mode there should be a tutorial on how to activate with on the site (virtual machines emulate a phones OS so it's essentially like a box in a box so to speak. This is also a way safer method of using root feature store stuff like game guardian lucky patcher or terminal emulators and other tools) then like crystal had said add gg in there as an app it will allow you to get a copy from your installed apps with a simple transfer for vmos or just simply using the UI for X8 and not having to worry about the import process. When crystal said "avoid broken firmware or kernel and avoid android companys like samsung" well "Firmware is the combination of read-only memory and program code and data stored in it while kernel is the main component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level" that bit from the edaboard threads by user marks_christopher should be helpful as to under stand that. Although you won't be able to do certain root features with gg with this method you probably wont need to any time soon so don't stress it. It will show more processes when you use game guardian though because it can read deeper into the "phones" process because the whole phone is being emulated rather than just a virtual environment... Well that's bad wording because technically they are both virtual environments but you kinda get the comparison right? I am rather touchy on my knowledge of this... In fact I am just now learning about assembly language and arm architecture... But I'm sure Enyby or NoFear will happily correct what I couldn't properly or competently explain and what I missed in ignorance... This is more like a toddlers explanation of shapes when he has the faintest idea of geometry. Yes I probably shouldn't give out advice that isn't 100% accurate but it's enough to understand how to do what you're trying to do. And given that there's a disclaimer that this information isn't spot on you should be open minded when going about learning it yourself. Good luck!!!
  23. Ty so much for your help! Here there is a guide made by nofear but i really dont understand how to do it.... Fury Survivor: Pixel Z (#9hvx1w9u) if u check the video he made u will understand what i mean for item swap hack Also there is all IDs like gold etc
  24. https://youtu.be/E2Al7OcBIeU Guys, i've been trying to find a Virtual Space that would work on my S10 (android 11) and i think that I got that. Watch this video right up. (not so good in english so..)
  25. test im not sure but is it supposed to give ban online?
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