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  2. It became 9999999 during the results screen but back to my original value at the main menu
  3. Today
  4. U can hack gems easily Don't know about premium plants
  5. yeah , its Encoder's bug . if/when ill update , it will be fixed .
  6. I dont know why but the script is not running .
  7. Thanks for posting this. This is what i was looking for from so long.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm trying somehow to dump the FREE FIRE game. I used GG's memory dump function, followed by get_dll_from_bin but it doesn't generate the DLLs. I also tried the Libil2cpp dumper and GUI, both failed, because is a protected game. Does any experienced user have a way to suggest me? It's been 2 months since I try to access the game data and no progress ...
  9. Anar

    Penguin Isle

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantome.penguinisle Is there way to change gem value?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Does anyone know a way to fix a city with negative storage? I would like to bring it back to normal.
  12. Hello, it'll be good if you add Without scatter bullets or no spread.
  13. Hi, i install all of your optimized version virtual spaces but no one of then don't run online game , please reslove this problem i need run online game on optimized virtual spaces to hack , your virtual spaces just run offline game , long time is that i have this request
  14. Can anyone make a script for ad removal on gore box? Please
  15. how can I get access to the script? and where can I see how much do I have to pay for it? I think the link is broken. Sorry about my english and my lack of knowledge. Im just a noob that prefer to give money to get advantage in game to you guys than the hawk dev team
  16. View File Fps.io hack Attention ban danger I cant do anything for it if you are banished this Script will hack Gold, Dia and Levels for Cup Progress Update : 1.0.1 Instruction added Submitter krotenhannes Submitted 10/13/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  17. View File pixels unknown battlegrounds hack The script will hack the Grenades Store and you will always make 10000 plus when you buy something Submitter krotenhannes Submitted 10/13/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  18. Hello there. I was wondering if this game is hackable. I found the energy and rest values I need to change to keep playing this game but its only visual change it doesn't let me to use energy or rest. I would like to keep playing the game can someone help please?
  19. w1f

    PacyBits 20

    I also want script too, coins now are useless (no one got 90+ icons or CR7/Messi, you can try to pull Messi from 81+ players pack, but...).
  20. Enyby

    Can’t find files

    Create folder in gg, find this folder in file manager, move script to it, select script in gg and run. Usually parallel space virtualize sdcard to folder /sdcard/parallel_intl/0/. So search your folder, created in gg, on this path.
  21. Last week
  22. Damm 20 fire rate is good but u will get bannd after four at once lol
  23. View File script for subway surfers (Singapore) hack for subway surfers HACK COIN HACK KEY HACK SPEED just for (Singapore) but maybe wirk in another version too for free Submitter AmirB300 Submitted 10/12/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  24. How to hack Utopia:Origin ingame items on this game like steamstones,caps and other resources
  25. its online game...the real value data was kept at server side client...thats why you can change but will never get.
  26. This is a very easy method for war cards, boosters, etc that has been working since the updates. I have followed recommendation to stay below level 7 and had no issues with getting banned on any of my cities. [added 3 minutes later] PS - modify factories to 10 slots each first and add additional factories if you want to speed things up
  27. Is there anyone who can hack the range of view in diep.io??
  28. i tried several versions but only difference is the invalid header message didnt show up , the script ended immediately as in the newest version. Why dont you plz tell me what GG version do you use and runs perfectly in what platform and with what game version ?
  29. You can not do this from script. Only user able select process. You can only ask he select something, if you need.
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