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I can find out the address, but unable to edit the value

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my phone is rotless when Samsung 8 problem happens parallel space 64-

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    • By loversSlayer
      part of code:
      local act = gg.prompt({'Jump boost'}, nil,{'number'}) if act == nil then mainmenu() end gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.searchNumber(jump_save, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(1) gg.editAll(act, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) For some reason gg acts like im trying to use broken value or smth. Wanna know why it says that var "act" is unexpected. Tried to enter "12" or "12.5" and got same error, so idk what to do next.

    • By google007
      Hacking this game
      But value reverting 
      How can i find a key to xor and how to edit
      I have attached a Script which was given by Enyby Sir as a template for getting results count.The problem with that is that whenever I run the script and I give the input it works fine but if you see in your game guardian results , you will see that it only edits the first value.But the script takes the amount of values to be edited which is being given to the script in gg.getResults. How to make it work , so that I can edit as many values as I want either by giving input or instead just passing the getResultsCount variable back to the getResults and edit all of them ?? If anyone can help plz...
    • By iamsatyanshu
      can anyone help me with editing a DWORD value that should be any number within a range or without a range boundation except "3" .?
      Or in other words the number should be anything except '3'.
    • By Riazuddin4887
      Name of Requested File: Stonies
      Link To Download:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.upjers.stonies
      Is the game server-sided: yes,but saves data to sdcard
      Comments:help me gg team plz plz
      Game Review:-
      From Cavemen to Settlers
      Discover the fascinating world of the Stonies and experience the earliest era of human history in this unique Stone Age app. In Stonies, you'll slip into the role of a fearless caveman, leading their tribe through the rugged wilderness and fighting to survive.
      Guide your prehistoric kin through various evolutionary stages, and make use this extraordinary Stone Age app's countless customization features.
      Help your tribesmen to transition from simple cavemen to skilled settlers by assisting them with everything from everyday hunting and gathering tasks to building their first village in this gripping life simulation.    
      Harvest resources, by chopping wood, smashing rocks and collecting fruit in this Stone Age app     Craft diverse weapons and tools – from spears to fishing rods    
      Process fibers, leather and wood     Construct huts and buildings necessary for life simulation     impressive animated comic-style graphics 
      Stonies – A Prehistoric Life Simulation  Now you can experience the Stone Age on the go. Hunt and gather, craft and build – from simple beginnings, you can develop the furnishings of an early settlement and explore new ways for your tribe to live, and even thrive! Soon, your charges will develop from primitive cavemen to experienced settlers with a wide range of skills.
      With every level in this Stone Age app, you'll be able to do more and customize your prehistoric settlement. Accompany your cavemen on the journey of a lifetime in this riveting life simulation.

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