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I can find out the address, but unable to edit the value



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On 1/22/2018 at 2:29 PM, Kraznetor said:

Hi all, when I try to modify the value after the search, it remain the same. 

For example if I put 99999 instead of 400, I will get 400(400).

Any solution? 

It's a protected value I have encountered some games like this you need to find different things to get the money or cash like buying something change its value so you get 9999 reward 

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freezing won't work. i have come across values like these. and you can't edit them because its probably a const variable. and const variables cannot be reassigned but if its a variable that changes but you can't manually edit it with game guardian that looks like anti cheat then theres other ways to change the value then direct editing

but what value is it?

is it health? speed? damage?

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