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  1. Thanks, I did not know about the formula calculator. I still would prefer a direct integration in gg because now I need 17 steps to change a value instead 5 before. But as a workaround it is enough. Thank you.
  2. Honestly I do not understand what you mean. Let's assume this Gold Value: 80 We go to the Memory editor and see this I tap on the gold value and edit it to 99. Than tap on xor value and edit it to 99x8. done. But, if we choose qword and type 999.999.999.999x8 this is not working.
  3. it is possible, but as you already found out, it is a huge pain in the *** and is individually on every app. the possible steps are - reverse engineering, reproducing code - packet sniffing (wireshark) and code a private server which answers the clients packets (most likely is also secured by certificates or private encryption keys and/or encryption methods...) i would not recommend investing time into this project, until you really want to spend a ton of your lifetime (or money to pay someone else)
  4. It would be nice, if the gg xor calculator could also handle 64bit (qword) int types to change a value. Now, we can do this: edit value -> type: 12345x8 -> gg changes value of DWORD type to 12345 with calculated xor key 8 bytes away If we try this with QWORD values above the int limit of 2.147.483.648, gg is refusing this with a error message
  5. OnkelM


    Forgot to mention Autoplay tokens: default DWORD search
  6. OnkelM


    A hint from NoFear would be cool. Until now I was able to: Level up goldmine: float ordered groupsearch for gold and diamond e.g. 200000;30::9 and edit diamond to 0 to purchase, repeat or scroll up in editor to next level to edit again Level up trainfield: like goldmine, you can also combine groupsearch with the levels e.g. 3D;3D;450000F::17 Library Points: classic search for DWORD (should have at least 3-4 points to search or search while incrementing.) And last like Nanalife explained, you can use speedhack to speedup harvesting but it is also really useful to speedup battles
  7. Hi, i just realised that that the search engine is acting (for me) differently based on search type. The conditions are for example: Value ingame displays as Value: 323 If i search with type A: Auto, i can enter to search 323 and GG finds the value: 322,74227574269 (E) If i search with type E: Double, i can enter to search 323 but GG in returning 0 results if i search with type E: Double, i can enter to search 322~324 and GG finds the value: 322,744227574269 (E) (and of course many more...) my question is, is this a known behaviour or is this a bug? because the type Auto is capable of finding scalar values which are a little bit off the entered value
  8. Tried on couple things but no luck so far. Game is server sided. You can change local values but when you interact with those values with other items in the game the server is doing a value check and reloads the game because of the mismatch. tldr. not possible (now)
  9. wanted to confirm that this still works and I'd like to share an easy way to get doughnuts with 1 search.
  10. try it out? ...or watch the video
  11. i have made a recording of the process, sorry for the black borders https://sendvid.com/hze6zkw4
  12. I installed today BlueStacks with root on PC and can confirm the method is still working. It just needs a lot trial and error to find the correct one.
  13. First, sorry for my bad english Second, I currently cannot provide screenshots or video because I switched my old nexus 6 with op6 and I still have not rooted Third, you are right it is hard to find the correct cash address with buildings because they do not change. For that purpose I wrote the hint to prior search a huge number like your clams and write down that address. Now you can search for cash of a building and by comparing the addresses with your previously noted one you will be able to get rid of lots findings that are too far away from the address you want to change. Now you simply have to do trial and error by changing addresses you think might be the correct one. Fourth, try this with a building that gives you high cash because low values like 3 is very likely to be thousand times used in the games memory.
  14. You cannot edit your current amount of clams. You have to find a cash reward from a building or something else and add clams to that reward.
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